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As some of you know I'm hitting up AMERICUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and LONDUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN in about 2 weeks. There's a couple of you I'm dying to meet and sorta have organised some stuff but I still have chunks of free time. So if people want to meet up send me a message and I'll try to make miracles or suggest places to see, things to eat, things to do.... etc etc

I'm hitting:

Las Angeles (Santa Monica area ) 20th- 24th

Las Vegas 24th - 27th

General Cleveland area? 27th - 30th (fuck you all I'm still going to Cedar Point even if it's by myself. I'll have a car so I can drive to meet people just as long as I get back to the terminal to drop it off on the 27th)

New York 30th - 2nd August

London 3rd August- 7th

God I feel like a Comic-con... fuck it this is now called Tahquil-con '14

Hashtag: @Cinya, @Mathonwy, @Trey, @Strata, @Katalyst


  • I know, I couldn't bring myself to actually do it. I'd have to kill myself if I did and if I have to I'd rather do it after the vacation.

  • #justhashtagproblems

    Saeva said:
    If Mathonwy is 2006 I wish 2007 had never come.
    Xenomorph said:
    heh. Mathowned.
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  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front

    I can be convinced to drive a couple hours to Cedar Point. If a round of alcohol will motivate stragglers, I'm good for that too. 

  • TuroiTuroi Missouri :(

    Did someone say nipp-- oh... oooooooh.

    I'll see myself out.

    "Slowly disappear. Never really here."

  • Drunk rollercoasters? What could go wrong?

  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
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    Tahquil said:

    Drunk rollercoasters? What could go wrong?

    Aurora says, "Tharvis, why are you always breaking things?!"
    Artemis says, "You are so high maintenance, Tharvis, gosh."
    Tecton says, "It's still your fault, Tharvis."

  • 10/10.. would ride again.

  • i'm in the new york area. Totes down to meet

  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front

    If we can do July 28th, we're going to avoid a lot of children and lines.  

  • DEEERRRNNNN (Translation: Done. I'm practicing my American).

  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front

    How do you practice South African?

  • @herenicus ask @aitox or watch videos by Die Antwoord.

    “There is no greater sorrow than thinking back upon a happy time in misery--”

  • Should check out while you're in LA.

    so goooooood

                   Party right, party hard,

                                            Sing and dance, perfect bard.

                                                                     Prefarar loop, accentato whore,

                                                                                             Buy a new rapier, get nerfed some more.

  • Woah..... WOAH.

    -jumps immediately into a taxi-


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