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Hail Achaeans. Just early sunday morning, I lost three dear friends of mine in a car accident. I am close with the family who lost both their sons and only children in the accident, and they could use some help covering the costs.

I'm not expecting much, but if you do feel like you can, or have a little extra money you could donate, please help out below.

If you want to read about what happened...

Thank you, and an extra thanks if you do decide to help out.


  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen

    Sorry for the losses. I know how that shit hurts.

  • Thanks you

  • For anybody who cares, the gofundme has done really well! It's up to nearly $16,000, and we held a bake sale/car wash yesterday and raised over $7,000 dollars more! Then of course, there are boxes all over town and what not that have been raking it in :) Thanks for the support guys

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