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Mudlet/Achaea Not connecting?

NyderrasethiNyderrasethi Member Posts: 91 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
edited June 2014 in Tech Support

Everything else seems to work just fine but Achaea.com won't work on the web browser and I can't connect with mudlet to it at all. It just says "trying to connect to ..." Is there something down right now @Tecton @Makarios‌ I know some people are still on but I can't get onto the game at all. Thanks.

Edit: Working now, not sure what caused this randomly but whatever it was it is working again.


  • KerriaKerria The Red LionessMember Posts: 1,120 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Double check to make sure your not getting stopped by your firewall. Will happen again it at least slow you down if you don't add permission for mudlet

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