Active or Inactive Divines?

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I am sure this has been asked; however I was unable to find an answer to this question. Perhaps it was under my nose and I just did not see it...

The question is. How can one find out what Divine is active or not? 
I offer to many shrines, depending on my mood. I just want to avoid offering to a god or goddess who is inactive. I am sure an active Divine would rather have my offerings. ;)

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    Ask a lot of people. There are any number of Gods around, most of whom have a Divine Order. If you ask around, you'll find people from the Orders who will be able to tell you.


  • Just have to ask around in-game.

  • I did... Even Juliet was unable to help with this one :( 
  • This isn't really something the Guides are equipped to answer, as it's their job to deal with newbies specifically.

    Ask around. Ask your city. Ask other cities. Ask about particular gods; no one's going to give you a list.
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    Actually, HOUSE LIST can be a more or less decent start, seeing that most house patrons (and city patrons) are active, or at least semi-active. It's of course a rather incomplete list since not all active gods patron any org (besides their order).
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