Mudlet Crash on Login

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I was forced to hard boot my laptop by holding down the power button. 

The first time this happened, my .config file, mapper, etc. were all wiped clean. I lost all that I had set up under Svo.

I had to do it again today, and now Mudlet crashes immediately upon logging in to my Mizik profile. I tried a blank profile and no problem. It is this specific profile that crashes after logging on to the character. I get a flash of room and the Windows error pops up.

Attached is the crash screenshot. 

Any known fixes?




  • BluefBluef Delos
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    Almost same thing happened to me today. Yesterday I was forced to do a hard boot. I log in today and although all my SVO files and aliases, etc. are there, including the Mudlet Mapper script, now everytime I click on MAP it gives me the same message Mizik is displaying here. I can't see a fix other than re-installing everything. Any other suggestions?

    EDIT: The fix here worked for me.

  • Hit copy, didn't bring some of the newer scripts I had written.

    Holding out for something to save my old profile.

  • Go to .config/mudlet/profiles/<your profile>/current, sort by date - see which latest profile is the biggest. Remember the date on it, start Mudlet, select that date as the profile version to load. That should get your working stuff back.

  • @Vadimuses‌

    I've tried the top 5. All seem to crash.

  • Not the top 5 but the latest one that has the biggest size.

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    Aha! It was the map! I happened to try a profile that didn't have the map open by default yet, and managed not to auto crash. As soon as I opened map, poof.

    Hm. Tried uninstalling the mudletmapper script, still crashed.

    It's as soon as I tap the little map icon to make it appear. Any ideas, @Vadimuses‌

    Edit: Fixed. I kept the map closed and switched crowdmap on. It installed and auto opened the map with no crash. Seems stable now.

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