What Divine do you want back most?



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    Tohran said:

    Not sure about Maikali, is she dead or did she just go away? 

    @Sarapis did something really cool with his powers to merge Makali's essence with Maya so he could leave us and have Maya become the Great Mother and Creatrix of Achaea. <3

    Edited: Just realised @Sena said something about this. :( Internet just showed me the last page.

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    Sarapis said:

    Aeon didn't die exactly, but isn't alive exactly. His essence was essentially dispersed in the timestream after he used the Sword of Dunamis to shatter His hourglass and let its grains pour into the Flame of Yggdrasil, the power of which was used to summon Aurora, which was the sole event that Aeon had forseen might save the future from Bal'met. He had spent a near eternity replaying possiblity after possibility, trying to prevent what was coming.

    I want Doctor Who as a God in Achaea, because that would be awesome.

    Aeon could come to our time because he doesn't see time as linear. His younger self could come to our time and see the way things are, which is how he would know that bringing Aurora forward is what was needed to be done to save Achaea from Bal'met. However, once here, he would try to figure out a way to do it without sacrificing himself, determined to avoid his fate. Time travelling logic, but it makes sense, especially if you're a Doctor Who fan, or have watched the second Back to the Future movie... or have an innate understanding of quantum mechanics. 

    To sum that up Aeon can come back because of


  • Sartan

    Tvistor: If that was a troll, it was masterful.
    I take my hat off to you.
  • Isn't Sartan active?
  • Noticed Tarah wasn't there. =(

  • OceanaOceana North Sea

    Neraeos, obviously. So many mysteries, so many stories still to be finished, or started. How does the story of the Silver Dolphin end? What about Borak, the Caspians, the Kashari, the citadels, the war in the East.... and yes @Rinzai, those deathsights were the highlights of my day.

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    Aeon doesn't have a younger self. He no longer exists as a coherent being in any time frame.

    (That was the magnitude of his sacrifice, but he always existed across multiple time frames simultaneously anyway. He didn't have an "older self" or a "younger self." He was just Aeon, or perhaps still is, but isn't capable of acting as sentient being any more.)

  • WessuxWessux Chattanooga
    Aegis, because Aegis.
    Invest in a 9mm retirement plan.
  • Wessux said:
    Aegis, because Aegis.

    I admit, the only aspect of Aegis I had found interesting was his involvement...and admittedly spawning..of/with chaos beings/divines.

    My favorite part was the romance between Him and Eris. There was actually some beauty to it, especially with the poetry by Eris and gift from Him. Still brings a tear to my eye. :'(

  • O Divine, Divine Grace forever.

  • Immortals are all immortal. They live forever. They never die.

    They never make themselves visible.

    The rest are all just copies! imitators! imposters! actors! extras! pretenders!

    Immortals will always live in our memories. They have all left finger marks here and there (through the mortals, the chosen ones) for the dedicated of them all to find & discover.

  • Ellodin said:

    lag, god of aeon


  • KayeilKayeil Washington State

    It'd actually be neat to see Lord Eros return and have His divinity restored.

    What doesn't kill you gives you exp.

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    How did Babel possibly not make this list.

    He was the most badass. Grief Pit the sand worms, RIP Shallam.

    "I think not."

    Awesome suicide missions. The original A-Team Order that would war with entire cities.

    Mordanyconus :(
  • My thing about returning gods is that is cool and everything, but you never know exactly how they will be. Seriously, it's pretty obvious whenever a god/goddess do change hands. They do things differently. Sometimes they're awesome, sometimes they're not. 

    So, if I -had- to chose 


    So yeah, despite having your favorite god/goddess back, you never know how they will turn out. :) 

    Sartan is very awesome though, everything he's done has really improved Mhaldor and to make it a much more rich environment. 


  • Sartan...where is mhaldors favors
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front

    Having a water-themed god seems important. 

  • EiredhelEiredhel California

    I'll vote for whichever option lets me kidnap @Kyrra :open_mouth: 

    Meow, meow, etc. 
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  • Need Babel back. Only need my final interview!

  • Please  :'(

  • The rathest I'd see Clementius back.. Failing that, I think we could use a dosis of Thothness. We already have the Conclave of Ice and Fire, we need some frosty undead! 

    Right, and it's time for Lord Aeon's Timey-wimey. No timelord was ever stopped by being dispersed over time pfsh!

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