Having trouble having people talking to and RP

Its been hard for me to get a conversation started in this game, I really want to go out and RP. I felt ignored in this game sometimes. Any tips on having people RP with you?


  • WeiWei Monterey, California

    I know how you feel, but I get lucky sometimes. Just gotta find the right people.

  • Use your House channels to talk to people. HNT is your friend. Find the places in your city that people congregate in. I think it's the crossroads in hashan, I have no idea if your House has a place where members chill out (in ashtan we all seem to chill out in our house shops) this way you have a smaller pool of people to talk to and if they're not all afking, then you can talk to them that way. Start small and build up to more people. 
    It can be a little intimidating to start, but it gets easier

  • TohranTohran Everywhere you don't want to be. I'm the anti-Visa!
    We have the Gatehouse in Eleusis. We used to hang out in the Central Hall, dunno why we switched it up. Scenery, I guess, plus all the newbies walking by. *shrug* meh.

  • WeiWei Monterey, California

    In Hashan, which we are both a citizen of, people can often be found at the Crossroads. Hashani people are mostly cool. Just introduce yourself and see what happens!

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo

    I agree, it can be pretty difficult, specially if you, like me, are a very reserved person irl. It takes a lot at first, to randomly strike conversations and to take it from there, but it becomes somewhat easier as time goes on. In any case, I doubt anyone's ignoring you. Mostly, probably people just don't know you or that you are willing to rp with them.

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  • I've found the easiest way is to hang around with your mentor when they are with people.

    Also finding the large gathering spots in each city.  (warning on this one..your conversation has to be interesting)

  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    I would say yeah. Just hang out and talk with people. Develop your character through interactions. I know it can be a bit hard at times..but just get to know people. Other thing is maybe start to develop character flaws. Something your character may need help to overcome. But yeah...other than that I cant really say much more than has been said. Come talk to me. I'll rp with ya! Lol

  • Thanks for the tips, I tried making a Mhaldor alt to see if people would actually try to RP with her. I did a character flaw and make her more interesting compared to my main. Well it was a little better but not much.

  • WeiWei Monterey, California

    I will definitely come talk to you if I ever see you.

  • SherazadSherazad Planef Urth
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    I used to make alts when I had a lot of free time and I always "find RP!!!" by talking to different people. Granted, some interactions aren't what I would've wanted, but hey it's still RP. I find it more fun to pursue interactions instead of being jaded just because I felt that most of the fun ones just happen organically. This goes for the rest of the city, it's just something emphasised in Mhaldor because of how it is.

    Oh, a note about being disappointed by interactions or lack thereof: It's perfectly fine to be jaded, but for my purposes, it's something I don't want to dwell on because it can ignore the other chances to have meaningful interactions by focusing on the negative.
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    1. Yeah, I know where you're coming at. The few moments of RP are serious fun, the idea of having it is the driving force for me. I had a couple of bad experiences with my alt. Mainly my head being piked, but hey it was fun though brutal.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

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  • Herenicus said:

    A one-word answer that couldn't be more true. I'm very impressed that even novices take on the military seriousness and RP of the city fairly quickly.

    An easier way (less Suffering way?) would be just immerse yourself into your character. Address your superiors or seniors the way they are supposed to be. Talk to them with respect as a young one in your city, or ask/discuss about world happenings, city relations etc might be a good start.

    I'm not a good RPer myself even though I enjoy it a lot, but in Mhaldor it comes without saying.

  • The best way to handle this is to go places where people are and talk to them.  In fact, any time you see someone walk in and stay, try greeting them.  It's not much different than in real life, if you want to have a conversation with someone and they're not quick enough on the draw, then say something and see where it goes! 

  • If it's within what your character who do, I am in favor of offering cups of tea and nibbles. Works wonders if people have the time to invest in a decent conversation, which can be the starting point for something!

    Good luck!

  • Sometimes, I got the same feeling as @Neru. Probably is because major players are busy doing serious stuff for the game, and interact between them privately. Just be patient on this issue, RP is always a good thing. If you want, you can look for me IG.

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