Resolved: Hashan should formally embrace Darkness

Hello All. I am not an expert on Hashan by any means, but I have heard many say that Hashan has been floundering for a long time. The consensus seems to be that it is not so much a leadership problem as a purpose problem. Hashan was begun as an independent unaligned city. It basically seems to be neutral-Dark. I would like to see Hashan use the housing rennaisance as an opportunity to formally align with Darkness.  One of the reasons that my home city of Targossas works so well, is that we are united in faith, and in purpose, in service to Good. Our houses, established under the new paradigm, all reflect this. I would like to see Hashan unite behind Darkness in a similar way.  Any thoughts on this?


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    I think it's a great idea and might provide a foundation for a new Hashan... until all the metagamy backstabbers screw it right back up.

  • The houses have been aligned with darkness for hundreds of years. More fun for people to think that isn't true.

  • I have no good standing to really have a meaningful opinion on this, but the debate wording makes me happy.

  • As an outsider, I enjoy Hashan as a somewhat dirty northern city with good shopping, and a crumbling, but tenacious contingent of academics (observatory, academy), that is open to all visitors with coin and curiosity.  There's something there.

  • @Araeus : You are right, but there is one problem and it stems from the very structure of Lord Twilight's Order. While it does not encourage internal backstabbing, and still sends out a call for 'community' among Darkwalkers, it encourages individuality to a level that seems antithetical to the very concept of united faith. 'Seek your own truth, even if it conflicts with that of others' does not make for a strong cohesion. Add to this the anonymous nature of the pre-Order clan (are they still doing this?), and it can get confusing.

    That, and the problem of the eternally 'neutral' outcries will pose problem. We had that in Shallam, and we needed to -nuke- the City in order to get a fresh start. Hashan is stuck with a very Cyrenian-like population, and it'll take something big to force them in Cyrene if they don't want to follow.

    Possible, and I hope it will be done, but it'll be a long road to follow.

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    Fortunately, Hashan has three Divines we can "formally embrace." Hopefully, at least one of them will be active.

    Basically, I'm saying we shouldn't become a city of Darkness per se, but instead further embrace being the City of Night, of which Darkness is only one factor.

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    Wei said:

    Fortunately, Hashan has three Divines we can "formally embrace." Hopefully, at least one of them will be active.

    That's only if there was a Triad, which as of now and for the foreseeable future, there is not. It is just something of a historical moniker that Hashani celebrate as it was a very big part of our culture. Often times it does get confused with something that is presently applicable, which it is not. Which is where a lot of the confusion comes from. So yes, all three should be respected for their contributions, but that has very little to do with who is and isn't formally embraceable. 

    The only Divine that can't lead Hashan no matter what, would be Bloodsworn. Evil could, depending on the playerbase, though I really hope it won't. Nature could, though Nature wouldn't because they'd want to wipe Hashan off the face of the map. Thoth can't due to Thoth x Twilight relations. Every other Divine in the game can. Which again falls to where a lot of the purpose issues come from. 

    It's in the hands of the Administration and city leadership to come up with a purpose or focus, however, it is easier said than done. People just need to let the admins work, negotiate, and look at the situation as the focus of Hashan could drastically change the balance of the game. No, it's not because of how important Hashan is, but it is heavily related to how Hashan's relations will alter from here on out. 

    The only thing I can speculate on is that Hashan's focus/purpose will neither be pro-creation or anti-creation. It won't be pro-Good, it won't be pro-Evil, and it won't be neutral. It'll probably end up being something unexpected, but I'm sure the administrators are taking a long hard look at how to move forward, and have been for a long time. 

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  • I like Hashan because of the House of Delights. And Kaethryn.



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    Omg. It's Twilight!!


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