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Help needed to restore a campsite

KerriaKerria The Red LionessMember Posts: 1,120 @@ - Legendary Achaean

So, for many, many years I've been a part of a large family group that Larp. These are the people that were with me through my worst and have helped me grow into a (more)social being that I wouldn't be without them. These people are my parental types/sibling types and those second uncle types that no one seems to want to claim but we do anyway....

When the photo contest started here I went to the camp site we meet up at with a few of my friends and when we got there we were shocked to discover that some of the camp buildings were torn down. Upon investigation we were told that a health department worker came in and condemned them as unsafe because of minor cracks in the pavement. The current area after they were torn down was left in much worse condition than with the buildings there, to the point that the area is unable to be walked on without risk of breaking something.

My group has volenteered to help build and care for the new buildings, but first, we need the state to allocate funds for the park.

if you are able to, or inclined to please visit http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/improvements : select Sycamore as the state park and Lodges, this is what I put down in the 'why' box that popped up:

Group Camp A at Sycamore State Park. Until recently, there were 4 Adirondack Shelters. Each were able to support 8 people in pre-built wooden bunks, perfect for groups like Triumph, Boy Scouts, and more. 
We were dismayed to discover that three of these shelters were bulldozed. The site is no longer as desirable, nor in fact as useful, as a group camp site. Triumph been renting the location about 5 times a year for 9 years now, and have made use of all 4 shelters each time we’ve rented. 

Thank you so much for your time, I'll post before and after pictures as I get them.

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