Greetings, Achaeans.

I played Achaea a long time ago. I think around 2000. I recently have been looking for some fun games to spend some of my free time playing. I tried out Aardwolf and find it rather dull. I saw an entry on Top Mud Sites for Achaea and thought I might give it a try. So I have made a human Magi in the city of Mhaldor. Is Mhaldor fairly active? It seems like not a lot of people are on. I'm certainly looking for some people to engage with in roleplay, especially in learning history and possibly studying and performing rituals. I'm also looking to get into combat (sparring, at least - I know I won't have the credits to really PvP.)

Any tips? I look forward to meeting some new people, feel free to say hi! :)


  • Hello Volt/Ampere!

  • What is Volt/Ampere?

  • What @Ruth said is true, just sit back and enjoy! Mhaldor isn't bad for RP at all. Its a fun city once you get into the swing of things and find your own little clique to talk to. If you can't find anyone right off just try talking to someone, like Ruth or @Zii, @Mycen, @Milenka, there are plenty out there to talk to just have to catch them around! I promise that if you need any help all of them will do their best to help you. I say this from experience, they may seem like jerks but once you get to know them the are all good people all in all. :)

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    Welcome - glad to have you back with us!

  • a lot of it depends on your timezone. Mhaldor is the smallest city, but it is very rich in its culture. I hope to see you in game soon, and don't let the small populace throw you off. We all manage to have a lot of fun within our walls!

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  • You can pvp very competitively with 0 artefacts, especially as Magi. Don't knock it, and welcome back!

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    Wow, thanks for all the great responses :)

    @Jacen - I see watt you did there! I'm shocked I didn't make the connection.. *sigh* 

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  • so if someone just completely destroys you in combat, does that make you an ohmwrecker?

    also, welcome to Achaea!

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  • Welcome Ohm.

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    Welcome (back) to Achaea!

    As others have said already, don't be put off by the silence (especially if you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones to only play in Asian timezones). I actually like the quieter atmosphere as it means there's less chance of conversations being interrupted.

    Though we are a militaristic hierarchy, don't be afraid to talk to people. My advice: you'll get a better reception if you actively jump in and contribute, show an interest in learning (history, combat, what have you). Initiative is always sought after and noted early on, which will make people more willing to talk to you and give you a reason to approach them, as well.

    I look forward to seeing you around.

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  • Thanks, @Orzaansyn :)

    @Mathonwy: thanks! League fans here, I take it? :)

  • Hello, @Jurixe! Thanks for the welcome, and the tips! It sounds like Mhaldor might be a really ideal fit for me. I'm generally very much a "self-starter" and I certainly don't enjoy being spammed with trivial chatter. IMO, with a game as richly detailed as Achaea seems to be, noisy chatter would only detract from the immersion. So far I can't get away from the offline help files. There is simply so much to read. Classes, races, cities, houses, orders, the Mythos....  gosh, this Mythos! Anyway, I guess it's time I pull my head out of the sand and start actually playing. I look forward to seeing you around Sapience as well :)
  • Greetings. I am relatively new myself, however I could not imagine being in other (rumored) chatter-ish cities! As they have mentioned above, the militaristic hierarchy and discipline are what makes Mhaldor special. Also you get to do, you know, evil things.

    That aside, welcome back :)

  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    Welcome to Achaea! Mhaldor is very very fun. Though. When I left. Culture shock. Even though I was heathen most of my life. I was like dude. Crowds. So much pointless chatter. Im used to being alone a lot. Lol. Alrighty then. But seriously though welcome. Where ever you end up, you can usually find what you want. Just have fun.

  • I would say with the recent changes now is definitely the best time to get into combat on a shoestring budget.  Between bound credit leveling bonus changes and the $20 for 2000 lesson offer you should be able to pick up the skills required to give people a run for their money as magi.  Free server side curing, too!  Artefacts can certainly make things easier and make you feel like a badass, but they certainly aren't a requirement to have a good time.

  • Best results for communicating with other Mhaldorians is tells, really. Due to trying to keep chatter down on ct. Feel free to ask one of us if you need help or have questions :) and welcome back

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