What happened!? (Also, a question)

Hey, everyone.

I used to play Achaea years ago; there wasn't all this fancy music and pictures and stuff, haha. I'm very impressed. When did this all happen? 

One of the reasons I stopped playing was, at some point, it would have been very difficult to progress strength-wise without having first put a bunch of money into the game (which I was not willing to do). Is that still a mechanic?

Also, hi. :D 


  • The administration is taking some steps to make the game a lot more enjoyable for people on low budgets.

    The credits you receive from leveling have been increased, and they have also brought out super cheap, super awesome lesson packages you can buy (yes I know, money). But these are a bargain compared to the credit packages - $10 for 1000 lessons, and you can get the package twice on each character. That's one guaranteed transcendent (max) skill.
  • Ah, that's unfortunate.

    One of my [most] favorite parts of MUDs is PvP. Ah, well. I'll try again in another few years, bwahaha.

    (Although, I did read on one thread that it takes ~75 hours of play-time to max all 3 of your class skills w/o putting money into the game? Is this a reasonable estimate?)

  • Ah, not bad, not bad.

    So, that new package gives you 2000 lessons for $20. That means, upon buying it, you basically get insta-trans?

  • They come in 1000 lessons for 10 bucks to be exact. But yes, since you can buy 2 of them to get Trans plus a bit into a second skill.

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    You can do well without putting money in the game at all. The problem is if you want to do well while trying to fight for a given definition of 'fair'. Otherwise you can just probably pull a @Vaehl and win fights through being 12.


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  • If you're playing on a budget it is imperative to choose your class/race/skills wisely, it can be done though. On this character I transed 5 or 6 skills, changed class and retransed class skills before buying any credits for irl cash. Takes a fair bit of dedication to do it that way but it feels epic when you do it.
  • Oh, very cool.

    If I stick around, I'll be playing a Mhun Jester. 

    I definitely want to stick with Jester, but Mhun just looked the coolest. ;)

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