repeated disconnections

Help is needed. 
I have been disconnecting all day, it happened the first time when my internet died, I rebooted my router and since then I can't stay connected to achaea for more than about 4 minutes, sometimes the disconnection is within 30 seconds. I have rebooted laptop, rebooted router and that's the limit of my tech ability I am afraid. 
I have no issue connecting to the rest of the internet, just achaea. 
I use mudlet to connect, but I tried using the achaea client as well and disconnected just the same. 
So what do I do? Help?


  • It usually depends on your ISP. Sometimes it cuts the port if it reads no activity for a few minutes.

    I would just make a trigger to stand every 30 seconds and gag it, that should keep you from disconnecting and not cause any issues.

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  • it disconnects when I am making minerals and metals, which is an action every 3 seconds, so it's not that

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    It's difficult to help you to troubleshoot an issue if you don't know what you're doing.

    Try rebooting the 'modem' too. Unplug it for 30 seconds, plug it back in.

    Try running a traceroute program to Achaea's server and note any particularly delayed hops.

    Slightly more in-depth ideas:

    Try to use port forwarding on port 23 for your computer's IP (this one can be difficult if you have DHCP enable on multiple computers on the network).

    See if turning off PnP (or on) helps. If you can, try the DMZ setting.

    If none of these work or if you don't know wtf any of the above means, call your ISP.

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  • It seems to be working fine today. I am hopeful it stays like this

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    Another option could be to try the alternate ports (using 2003 instead of 23) and see if it's an issue with how your modem/ISP is handling telnet connections too!

  • Ooh, thanks boss, I'll try that if it has a hissy fit again later

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