Ability to provide Screenreader friendly Player Information

Right now if you do some formatting to make it easier to read and separate they do not change at all for the screenreader. The screenreader is amazingly easy to use and exceptionally easy to use, as I recently acquired a blind player I started to think of ways that we could better accommodate those who can see, and those who cannot at the same time.

SCORE shows up without any fancy borders, as a screenreader would take a while to get through, while for someone who wants easy separation or something to look all fancy for seeing players don't always like plain posters, or un-formatted text.  

I suggest that when writing anything that it is possible to make an option much like the way SCORE shows up perfectly both ways. 

When wanting to use non-decorative things like numbers, punctuation, or even letters, that a command is added ahead of the text into the editor that let's the game know that the use of that object is not decoration. It'd only be a little (okay a bit more than a little) work, and much easier than having to add strings for every piece of decorative object. This would add a helpful option to have the best of both worlds.

Another way to address it is using whatever options the SCORE uses though I think because the information is provided it can't recognize decorations (I assume) so perhaps offer the option after closing the standard window/edit options, to ask if you want to make a simple version. The first one would always be view-able, but anyone with screenreader on would automatically go to the second.

Just two ways I think it could be handled without inconveniencing anyway and losing the amazingness that the screenreader option adds to the game making it incredibly more efficient to play when you have vision problems. But also making sure all the written works from the past aren't botched by the change, and keeping Achaea's artistic options when displaying information.

I'd be happy to hear other's opinions on this, I think the screenreader is great, but just a suggestion on how to possibly expand on it so I don't have to re-write everything. I wouldn't mind, But making journals of every post available to make it easy to access information and go back would probably be cumbersome for everyone involved.

Thanks for reading.

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