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what shaped your character?



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    When I first made Averi as a character, she was supposed to be a quiet, laconic, and fairly chill person who was kind and "popular" (because seriously... she's a bard not a serpent).  Her persona was actually supposed to be more like how I played Qiuyu (for those who knew her) except a bit more sexually open. But the issue was that no one knew her and I didn't know anyone in the game either.  And not talking a lot translates in achaea more as shy, grumpy, stoic, evil than nice and chill...

    So I kind of overdid the friendliness... made a goal to get to know 90% of the player base before she passed 25. That made Averi appear a bit more lax and silly than I had originally planned but once I actually started meeting and getting to know people, I was able to tone it down again. 

    But other things that influenced me is pretty much how people percieved the bard class, my house, the city, and umm.... that one day when i realized that pants and most of the boots in achaea don't go well together and went with a miniskirt instead (because seriously, the outfit is the most important part)... and then @Madelyne gave me a top hat :D

    But yeah... I also started with a rough outline of my character and truthfully, today, Averi is nothing like that outline. Yet I still think she's pretty well-rounded. :3  Achaea tends to do that.
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    Silas said:
    God. My mommy.

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    Taraus said:
    Silas said:
    God. My mommy.
    Explains soooooooooooo much.
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    There were things, and other things, and some sort of stuff...

    Mostly that time when the dreams came to life, and the Wardens. The first one kind of cemented my playing the game, sort of... it gave me a niche to fit into and grow with, and the Wardens just gave me a route for Daklore to develop naturally.

    ... at least this Daklore didn't grow up to be a psychopathic murderer with delusions of grandeur... (this is not the first Daklore(in all of reality, there has never been a Daklore in Achaea prior... to my knowledge), and yes, the first Daklore was still me)
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    The most influential force in Ephram's life were other characters. There are way too many people to list but the two who stand out most were his mentor, @Thor, who introduced the world to him, and @Melantha, RIP. :(

    I miss them both. But the driving force in shaping Ephram as a character were the different people who entered into his life. I had no idea what I was doing when I started and fortunately, some great players filled the gap with RP. Thanks all!
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    Bronislav started off as a Houseless, citiless Serpent orphan - initially, it was because he was uncertain ( @Kendrick had gotten me into the game, with a notable mention to @Karron as well), although for the most part it was because he was torn - he had friends in Shallam, but their zealotry left him painfully aware of his own flaws as a person. He was completely infatuated with a Hashani woman (Who had absolutely zero interest in him! XD) - the thought of being Hashani or Shallamese and having to murder the people whom he held dear kept him from associating with either city.

    Bronislav's "Nature" is what influenced him, most, at least initially; he's a Serpent, in every way that matters. He has a bloodthirst, he has scarcely-restrained passions, and he's extremely territorial. His passions are what drove him, for good or ill, and for years he remained both citiless, houseless, and alone. Over time, however, he chose Cyrene for two reasons - first, because it meant that he wouldn't need to murder Hashani or Shallamese; second, because @Iocun was there, and @Iocun was probably one of the most significant fighters at that point in time and for some time afterward. Bronislav joined Cyrene, and the Mojushai, and eventually made a point to find the better parts of his nature.

    It kind of worked - Bronislav has a family now, and sons. He took on his mother's last name (Go go RP flavor!), and focuses upon improving those around him, and becoming closer to fulfillment in doing so...Guess the Mojushai rubbed off a little on him. He is still driven by his passions - his antagonistic stance against Mhaldor and Ashtan stem from as much - but he tries damned hard to remember that the benefit of his city and his people are more important than succumbing to his fury.

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    I have never ever, ever played this game with a predefined idea of the type of personality I want to pretend with.  I cannot function like that to any meaningful degree.  When I made Agrias, I just used all of my experiences from my first character that I suicided and poured them all into it, and jumped headfirst.  I picked the house and class that I wanted at the time, and then city, and lastly Order, and I just reacted to whatever was presented to me, learning as I went.  That's the only actual way for me to play, like I said.  I don't see the thrill other people have of taking these crazy personas and running with that.  When I play, I have the same personality as I do in the real world.  It's more fun to pretend that -I- am in the crazy make-believe text game than something else that I am not intimately familiar with and struggle.

    So yeah, tl;dr never had a plan, I wing it 24/7.
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    The three biggest (mortal) influences in Gibbi's life in order were @Wronic, @Havyn, and @Flair. It was because of them that Gibbi ended up where he is today.

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    Well Taraza has been around an entire decade now and many have actually molded and shaped her in the past. I believe it would be easier to just say who actually shaped her the most overall. 

    @Herenicus firstly because he was the one that actually converted her to Mhaldor and assisted in shaping her within the Congregation. 

    @Nulaye she was perhaps one of the largest that shaped Taraza in terms of Mhaldorian culture and leadership. 

    @Carmain for assisting her in everyday shaping regardless of Mhaldorian or not. Always been more of a father figure to her. 

    @Roroan for molding her and shaping her into a warrior, specifically within the Maldaathi. 

    @Sartan for continuing to push her and test her within Mhaldor and contributing to a large factor of her successes. 

    @Harmonia started shaping her in Hashan and it continued in Mhaldor.

    Taraza started out as more a joke than really anything (in many others eyes) I didn't have the slightest clue what the heck roleplaying was. As I got older and learned the game even more so, she became molded into who she is today. I'd like to think of her as a mixture of zeal and combat. The latter not as much, she's not a top tier combatant, but she enjoys battles. 

    It will be interesting to see how she continues to grow within Mhaldor in the upcoming years. 


  • VerilyVerily Member Posts: 200 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
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    I joined Achaea and created Verily with a vague idea of a personality and nothing more. Having finally settled on being a serpent in Shallam after days of indecision ( I'm terrible at those decision things, nasty little buggers ), she wound up growing fond of a pair of conflicting mentors, one of whom was cast out from both house and city not long after. The rifts and intrigue with both them and related individuals provided me with a lot of fun early on, helping me to establish Verily's inquisitive nature and willingness to bend rules.

    I eventually received an offer from a pair of lovely parents-to-be for Verily to be their elusive and unknowing daughter, with bloodlining to come when the pieces fell into place ICly. This let me arrange a proper backstory for her, which also further let me settle on her being a little village girl with big dreams and a yearning for higher society. At this point I finally had an idea of who I was actually playing, and things were really starting to fall into place. Unfortunately, those parents-to-be disappeared into sudden dormancy before everything was carried out ( @Batista you get back here right this instant! ).

    The most influential moment in her life, without question, was when @Ourania visited Shallam and confronted @Halos. This inspired her to learn of the Goddess, and all the wonderful interactions that followed have shaped Verily more than anything else. To this day, her devotion for the Moon Goddess is her biggest defining feature.

    Special mention goes out to certain Occultists for helping Verily break out from her shell.

    Really, it's just been the people I've gotten to know that have shaped both my character and experiences in the game, and I'm grateful for the times I've had with them. Might just be luck, but I've loved almost every last minute of it!

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    Tohran's major influences... hrm, never really thought about it. I'd go amiss not to mention @Rangor‌ and @Jhui‌ when they taught him the basics of combat. @Artemis‌ has been an enormous influence on him, inspiring his creative side with his design work, and being a member of Her order. Talking with @Neraeos‌, Clementius, Demeter, @Pandora‌, Eris, and @Lupus‌ all influenced his opinions on the gods. He has little regard for some, great respect for others, and is absolutely disgusted by still others. (Sorry Lupus! You never did much.) Miagorme taught him the value of tenacity, Faol, Avritine, and @Stephine‌ all taught him the value of love and the importance of valuing someone else. @Entaro‌ has also been a tremendous influence upon Tohran. When Shallam and Ashtan were warring, Entaro sided with Silas and Rho. Tohran sided against his brother, taking up advocating Chaos within Eleusis alongside @Skylana‌. He was always at ends with Entaro, and blames him for the dormancy of his parents, Eski and @Mordeanna‌. He gives @Ravien‌ grief for chosing Entaro over him, but only in a joking manner.

    More than any others, his children, Balo, Azera, Lee, @Lala‌, @Reihaneh‌ and others who have all gone dormant, have tempered him into being more calm, collected and less rash to action.

    Even certain characters of ill-repute from the Eleusian point of view such as @Trance‌, and @Kupo‌ have taught him that just because someone is an enemy, that doesn't mean they cannot be decent towards you.

    Tohran is endlessly changing, as a living character should. He loves to tell stories of the past, the heroes of days gone by, and especially of the gods who changed his life, both for the better, and the worse. He embellishes a little from time to time, but never too much.

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    The one person I will always remember and who has shaped my current outlook on character interactions would have to be Zii. Not because of anything recently as I am fairly new, having just returned from a long absence, but from when I made a Runewarden many many irl years ago. I played in Cyrene at the time and had asked on the newbie channel about what weapons I should use or something to that affect. I got this message that if I could meet him at the fisherman he would give me some shortswords that I could use, of course that meant I had to figure out what fisherman he was talking about. I was completely new to Achaea at this point and had no idea that Cyrene and Mhaldor were on opposite ends of the spectrum and Zii never treated me like it either he just answered my questions and helped point me where I was asking to go. Needless to say when I came back and made Ladrun I was glad to see that he was still around.

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    Storil is influenced mainly by his race, his family, his class, and his city. First and foremost Storil is a Grook. He is proud of his race, He is a Grook in every important way. Much of his life is about finding out about the history of his race,  and seeking associating with other Grooks, and celebrating the unique characteristics of his race. Part and parcel with this is a strong connection to Ulangi. Storil spent time there during his childhood, in the embrace of his people, when his parents were separated from him due to pirates. His family is also a huge influence. He met his mother @Alarke first, in the city of Ashtan, where he was living at the time. He first noticed a connection when he began speaking with his mother about the events surrounding the Ascencion of Glaaki,  and was certain he and his mother were family when he found out she had spent time on Ulangi, doing the very thing Storil wanted to do--a flora and fauna survey of the island. Storil is very happy to have found his family, and he wants to live a life that will reflect well on his parents, and on his extended family--the Ashaelas His aunt @allene has had a large influence on him too. she inspires him to want to be a better magi, and has been very helpful to him.

    That is another thing about Storil. He is a magi. He wants to learn all he can about the history of his class and to use his abilities to the best way he can. He also has some interest in perhaps becoming a Sylvan like his mother was, but he has not decided yet and it will be far in the future.

    The Ascencion of Lord Glaaki and the fall of the Ashtani houses had a large influence on Storil too. Storil was drawn to Ashtan because of its focus on Freedom. After the Ascenciion of Glaaki, Storil spent a long time pondering. For it was this event that really forced him to think about who was, what he stood for, and what he believed about himself and about the realm and his place in it. to follow his heart rather than his head. In the end, Storil decided to leave Ashtan for Cyrene,

    Storil is happy in Cyrene, for there he can be who he is--a peacful soul who wishes to learn all he can for the pure sake of learning. Storil considers himself "good" in that he tries to live a peacful life devoted to knowledge and to family. In Cyrene he is able to do all of this. In many ways, Storil was Cyrenian, even before joining Cyrene. Storil also enjoys his house, the Outriders, because there he is able to study what he wants, just for the sake of learning, and the people of the house have welcomed him. 

    Now I'll send some shouts out @Alarke, @Kaden, @Allene, @Samondu @Ramilies @Roselie, @Ilen, @vix, @Nadria, @acknu @Rotose, @chryseas, @Sunny, @reiloch, and last but not least, a jovial ahoy  @Despran!
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    Sothantos being taken into the Bog and then spat out in Jaru (missing his eyes and with a big hole in his chest) is a moment that's lingered with Anedhel his entire life (and is responsible for him being so very, very devoted to Targossas).

    Pretty much every conversation with Aldair shaped him in some way or another- she was wonderful at getting him to think of himself in different terms, in different ways, and from a third person point of view. Singlehandedly defined him as Targossian, perhaps!

    Early fighting with Ellodin shaped his sense of determination and casual attitude towards dying (and, in large part, his pro-crazy-plans attitude).

    His time in the Scions molded his respect for what I suppose he'd call a 'strong warrior spirit,' regardless of faction or allegiance, which is why he treats some fighters so much better than others.

    That said, Anedhel was always a character I had a very definite 'feel' for, even before I started playing him. Since I started on two cornerstones- one great virtue and one great weakness (temperance and pride, respectively, for those of a Biblical inclination), it was easy for me to adjust him to things that happened without them re-shaping him, but rather just kind of... sanding the edges, I guess? It's been a wonderful journey, and he's turned out to be by far the most 'human' of characters I've played in Achaea.
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    I made Aodfionn with an idea of a personality and trollspeak. Everything since then is a direct result of the influences other players and events have had.

    Artemis showed him how to use the temper for something productive, that being a savage wasn't necessarily something to be ashamed of.

    Aurora set a new bar for awesome in Achaea, imo; she is equal parts wonderful and terrifying, and her personality has rubbed off onto Aod in ways that I'd not even noticed until someone pointed a couple of them out to me. She definitely pushed him to have the courage to actually have some faith in his own ability to make decisions. 

    Ravien and Awan and Johlo showed him what it meant to lead people, what it meant to really sacrifice your own wants for the greater good. Later on, @Amunet and @Taraus did the same, setting examples that Aod still emulates as current HL of the Harbs. Ashadra also set an example that lingered with Aodfionn, and the desire to avoid ever being anything like her is still a large motivation in Aodfionn's life. 

    Daeir and Aldair, tho. I could write a damn book listing the ways they helped influence and shape Aodfionn. Suffice to say that I likely would have bailed in the early months of joining Targ were it not for Daeir. Dude has been there every step of the way and pushed Aodfionn to be more than he otherwise probably would have wound up being. Ditto for Aldair. No matter how much we argued, I learned a fuckton from every moment of it. 

    Being Eleusian really shaped Aodfionn. I don't really know how to explain it, but I think folks who come into contact with him can kind of tell. Fighting against the Church with the Anachaine/Darkwalkers, performing experiments before the dust had settled in the ruined Pyramid, learning in two of the largest scholar-focused houses of the era - these are all things that still very much are a part of him, even if his religious devotion wound up pulling him in a very different direction. 
    Aurora says, "Are you drunk, Aodfionn?" 

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  • AlcaroAlcaro Member Posts: 153 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Alcaro is basically me. She's grown with me as I've grown. I created her two years ago, when I was fourteen years old. Fourteen. Now I'm sixteen and I like to think we've matured together.
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    Ashelynne said:

    Originally, before I actually did the character creation, I came over to Achaea to play with my best friend, who also started over with a new character. We figured out a basic backstory of them being born on the same hour of the day day, and raised in Tasur'ke until the age of 18. The details that came after literally didn't form until we started playing @Isaeah and Ashe. One of us would come up with a random "Hey do you remember when you did xyz?" and the other, without prompting, would just go with the flow. That alone literally shaped Ashelynne's foundation.

    Since @Ashelynne already gave away part of what shaped the initial image of Isaeah, I will share in the ways they have differed. 

    Isaeah started out with a fierce love of two things: Good and Light. He had an image in his mind what Good should be, and he saw it manifested time and again within Light and the followers of @Aurora. @Aodfionn helped to teach him in the finer points of Good, allowing him to flesh out more of what he felt was his mission.

    At first, he was cold and fairly judgmental of people. If they did not give 150% in anything they did, he felt they were lacking. Over time, and conversations with many people (@Taraus, @Daeir, @Ada, @Aziik, to name a few I can recall), he took a step back from the fanatical and asked himself if he had what it took to be a Zealot.

    He felt he did, for a while, but then he slowly started to drift away. He began to question, he began to doubt, and he started to agree with dissenters more than he agreed with the points made by his fellow Harbingers. He had always had issues with the Righteous Path (@Carmell and @Aodfionn will remember his answer to the ultimate sacrifice question), and every time he tried to bring himself back into line, he felt as if he found something more to draw him away.

    He started to talk with @Ginovianna who gave him a different way of looking at the world. To examine beyond the black and white and look at the grey in-between. Needless to say, his doubt became even more pronounced to the point of breaking. Now, it is important to mention that he didn't share his doubts with a lot of people. There were a few who knew he had them, and of those few maybe one or two were Targossian. 

    When he finally made the full decision to move forward, he has gone from a fanatical follower of Good to a laid-back inquisitor of anything that calls itself Absolute Truth. He is a little adrift at the moment, trying to find where to put his roots down(sometimes literally, given he is now Sylvan), but he has grown into a person who finds that absolutes are like looking through the end of the straw and declaring what you see "everything". 

    He has a lot of room to grow, and I know he will change a lot before he settles down. The good news, though, is I feel I have a good handle of who Isaeah is, and I look forward to watching him change and continue to build!
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    And Gummy Bears

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    Since this is my first year anniversary, I thought I'd take a break from lurking to go down a feels trip.

    Cyrene made her empathetic and sociable. And the Vorondils, her first family, made her proud of her heritage. 

    Diaspora taught her faith and how to rally people to a cause. She became enthusiastic and spread the message of Good to those who'd listen.

    Her Diasporan mentor, @Aodfionn, taught her perseverance and to trust in herself more. Their relationship had a lot of highs and lows, however, she did what she could to make sure his spirit was never broken.

    Her bloodsworn @Eica showed her how to laugh more and what it meant to be there for a friend. 

    Her first protege, @Tristyn, was a little stubborn brat who exceeded all of her expectations. If their constant bickering did not teach her patience, I don't know what else would. Tristyn ended up becoming a Wintermourne, which makes Jeslyn slightly upset to this day.

    @Kycen, Jeslyn first and probably only husband, showed her devotion. After he went dormant, It hurt Jeslyn a lot when gossips accused her of being with other men during his absence and she has not quite gotten over that.

    The events that caused the separation of Devotion and Cyrene made her bitter. She resented both cities for making her choose between her vows and her faith. Eventually, She abandoned her city and became a wandering priestess.

    @Tharvis and Hashan showed her what it meant to look further for information. Curiousity became obsession and She began questioning her current belief system, but never truly converted to darkness. She built herself a home there before vanishing.

    One day she might return, but it was a good year. Thanks for being apart of it. :)

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    @jeslyn - COME BACK. :(
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess BellatereMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 3,170 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Skye will never forget that after straying and wandering for so long, @Neraeos was still watching and waiting for her to return and serve him. That's why she's still Nereian where so many others have already forsaken oaths and strayed. She's been tempted many times of course, and sometimes harbours doubts, but Nerry is the thing that roots her to reality and society. Otherwise she'd just be kind of a psychopath >_> I'm always terribly afraid that one day, losing Nerry would cause her to BSOD for real. 

    There are of course lots of other things that 'shape' her, or at least sides that she thinks are good to present to other people, but she's ultimately first and foremost a Fishy. 

  • KinilanKinilan Member, Seafaring Liason Posts: 1,302 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Skye said:
    Skye will never forget that after straying and wandering for so long, @Neraeos was still watching and waiting for her to return and serve him. That's why she's still Nereian where so many others have already forsaken oaths and strayed. She's been tempted many times of course, and sometimes harbours doubts, but Nerry is the thing that roots her to reality and society. Otherwise she'd just be kind of a psychopath >_> I'm always terribly afraid that one day, losing Nerry would cause her to BSOD for real. 

    There are of course lots of other things that 'shape' her, or at least sides that she thinks are good to present to other people, but she's ultimately first and foremost a Fishy. 

    A bunch of old, dead, long forgotten Runewardens and @Czanthria shaped Kinilan. and a bunch of bad experiences with people in Cyrene, and Lupus' order. Watching the great Runewarden Guild turn in to the shitty Warden House. A lot of negativity.

  • CzanthriaCzanthria Member Posts: 63 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Kinilan said:
    Skye said:
    Skye will never forget that after straying and wandering for so long, @Neraeos was still watching and waiting for her to return and serve him. That's why she's still Nereian where so many others have already forsaken oaths and strayed. She's been tempted many times of course, and sometimes harbours doubts, but Nerry is the thing that roots her to reality and society. Otherwise she'd just be kind of a psychopath >_> I'm always terribly afraid that one day, losing Nerry would cause her to BSOD for real. 

    There are of course lots of other things that 'shape' her, or at least sides that she thinks are good to present to other people, but she's ultimately first and foremost a Fishy. 

    A bunch of old, dead, long forgotten Runewardens and @Czanthria shaped Kinilan. and a bunch of bad experiences with people in Cyrene, and Lupus' order. Watching the great Runewarden Guild turn in to the shitty Warden House. A lot of negativity.

    I guess I should be happy you didn't count me among the dead and long forgotten!  You are still the Kinikins!
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