Mental Illness

There was a game I liked called VtM Bloodlines where you could play a character who was insane/schizophrenic and had hilarious dialogue in game.  Is this viable?  Offensive?

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    I think...if you play it can do that just about anywhere. But I would think Ashtan would probably be the most logical choice. Depends on how you role play it really. Only thing would probably wouldn't want to be "insane" in the sense of speaking of other worldly things. Since that tends to piss people off. And its kind of a rule that in character you dont become "insane". If you mean creville insane. Then. Yeah. Its probably a viable role play.

    My character is kinda nuts. Or was due to a previous possession by a demon. Haha. Unstable is fun to rp.

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    It's probably doable but would need a good roleplay backing as to -why- it was happening.

    So, it's going to be more believeable if say, Melodie ticks off Sartan, a minion of Sartan possesses Melodie and causes her to twitch and spastically randomly start speaking in tongues and whispering about the coming age of destruction upon Nature for a few minutes, before going back to normal... over say, an 18 year old novice who had 5 different "people" living inside of his head.

    Like most other "out there" forms of roleplay, if you have a good story backing it and don't go overboard, anything's possible.
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  • Aepas has a form of Schizo because he bound his foresty spirits in his head when they were almost taken away from them. He still talks to them from time to time, and always has to tell hyena to shut up because of its horrible puns.


    So really, you can play like this but it just as well deserves a reason and should -not- be overplayed.

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  • Sorry OP, no Malkavians here. Man I loved that game, Troika did such an amazing job on the voicework and gameplay (after you installed the patch to get out of the cave). Had a pre-teen crush on Nines >_>

    The problem with that is you had the incredible insight of knowing what the person was thinking, and the ability to foresee the future. So in Achaea you're either going to have to work around this by spying on people and reading their minds or doing an incredible amount of research to make good predictions with events etc. It's an incredibly difficult thing to pull off.
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  • Nell's got a few head problems too, but they're generally subtle. She's fairly sociopathic, but a high functioning one, and I try to keep it from being overdone - which is admittedly difficult at times.
  • Thought: VtM Bloodlines is a single-player game, where your character's insane/schizophrenic dialogue will trigger appropriate NPC responses based on the programming of the developers. Achaea, on the other hand, is a multiplayer game, where your character's insane/schizophrenic dialogue may trigger a wide gamut of unpredicted reactions, with a decent chance of it being 'oookay, I have to go...uh, grill my fsteakBYE NOW'.

    In other words, be aware that not everyone will like having to deal with someone suffering from mental illness. If you're set on that path though, I wish you the best, and hope that this will instead enhance the RP environment of the game.

  • We play Achaea to escape our real lives. This is avoidant and dissociative behaviour.

    Show me a sane Achaean, and I'll show you someone in denial.

    I sure the hell amn't sane. So sanity would be VERY hard for me to RP.
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  • Boosteya said:
    We play Achaea to escape our real lives.
    Our what?
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    Strata said:
    There was a Shadowsnake novice who kept referring to herself as "We"
    It was really confusing. I finally said "All of you, just go to Manara. Don't come back until you've all reached level 50."
    I do that irl unintentionally sometimes. 
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    but you're royalty, @Averi! You just use the royal "we"
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    Artemis says, "You are so high maintenance, Tharvis, gosh."
    Tecton says, "It's still your fault, Tharvis."

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    @Nizaris‌ Good gravy. Lol. I'm somewhat relieved caoi didnt end up seeing this side of Nizaris. Lol. But at the safe time.. ha. Perhaps a little disappointed? If that makes sense?

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    it's not entirely impossible. You can certainly play someone who has beliefs that are split off from reality, but it's important to realize that a lot of books/movies/games about mental illness are usually from the point of view of the character.  Other people will not be able to see your character's point of view in achaea and thus might not even realize you are schizophrenic or whatever mental illness you have until they know you better if at all.  

    If you make it too blatant, it looks unrealistic and becomes as @Blujixapug stated, gimicky. Make the mental illness part of your character instead of the one factor that defines your character. 

    Achaea's rp is different from any other rp game I've played in that it resembles real life a lot. You are defined by your reputation, actions, and how other people see you...not so much how you see yourself.  

    That being said, try playing with speech patterns and dialects, think about a few habits your character might have, comb through the emote list and find ones that suit your character and ones that really don't.  Think about their sexual orientation, political viewpoints, religious beliefs all of that and then tack a mental illness upon it all; it might actually work quite well. 

    And remember that like real people, the character will change so leave enough wiggle room for it. 

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    I will not draw them in the order that they are requested... rather in the order that I get inspiration/artist block.
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