Sentinel Combat?

I have yet to see any examples of it, Is it viable?


  • Yes, it's one of the best group classes, and can take just about anyone down 1v1.
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  • Bloody insane handaxes.

  • send("envenom axe with curare") x100
    send("reflexes on")
    expandAlias("dor throw axe at "

  • Forgot the command.

    Also don't use SVO, so there's that too.

  • edited April 2014
    Sentinels are a very strong class at hindering in 1 vs 1(fast handaxe throws, transfix, raven can throw off balance, passive defense stripping, low balance entangling traps, reliable parry bypassing). 

    Stampede/incinerate/trumpet is awesome in group combat. Freeze/pound is really strong but easily preventable. They also have truelock potential, which is important against people you can't kill via damage.

    So, yus, they are viable.

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