One time events for your custom artifact!

Now, we've all spent time customizing our stuff. Jewelry, weapons, armor, etc. Many of us have made them to specifically fit into our characters roleplay as well.

One thing I have always enjoyed however, is the ability to see that bit of roleplay come into affect. For instance, once Aepas wanted to get a violin for someone. So, I went off to buy it via credits, give it a special description and all that, but I wanted something more. I wanted to have the item and "activate" it, giving it a one time room emote. The emote would have been something like:

 "Aepas grabs the tree and wills a formed violin out of it because he is an evil druid and he just turned a tree into a violin."

and Bam! Done. that emote will never happen again. Problem is, that emote costs 50 credits last time I checked, just for it to happen once.

Granted, I could fork that over for the emote, or I could just emote it. However A) I can't justify paying that much for <30 words. B) When you do it yourself.. it seems to have less validity to it. We WANT the world to tell us something is happening, not really make it up ourselves.


So anyways, could this ever be something that is looked at as a possibility to add with custom descriptions?

Thoughts? yes, no?

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  • Although I don't have any objections to seeing this happen I personally suspect that you'd still be required to fork over the same number of credits to be able to do it. At the end of the day it's the same amount of work for the staff regardless of how many times he event or reaction fires.
  • For artie pets, is there an added cost to giving it a 'grand entrance' when the purchase is completed?

  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    Synbios said:
    For artie pets, is there an added cost to giving it a 'grand entrance' when the purchase is completed?
    doesn't seem to be, if you're around when it's completed they throw that entrance in for free. If you're not, it simply pops in your inventory
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  • Tecton has said they try to do something fof people if they're around. You can also probably work something out with either the pets or events team if you had something specific in mind that you absolutely wanted.
  • I've purchased artefacts/custom stuff for others in game (and had them purchased for me) and found that usually someone was able to help me out. If you have a relationship with a Divine, it's worth asking. Otherwise, why not write to customizations/artefacts/pets and explain what you're looking for? If it's a one-shot thing they might be willing to do it for less, or at least give you a sense of what could be doable. In my experience it's always worth asking!
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Based on my experiences, if you buy the item and then later buy the customization for it, you get this included with your purchase of the customization. I remember submitting a customization request for my runic gauntlet before the new system, and randomly the next day I was standing at Crossroads and saw a world message about shadows flickering over the armament. It was really interesting, but I'm unsure if only I saw it or if everyone in the room did, as no one seemed to react to it. 

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