Elder Scrolls Online

Really enjoying it so far, anyone else picked it up? User id is @Platonus. Currently leveling Nord Dragonknight Kaludin. 


  • Quick question -- am I going to be forced to interact with masses of people, or is it anything like a regular Elder Scrolls game with multiplayer?

    My brain says it's the former but my heart wants the latter.
  • if it's anything like the beta (which I only did one day of because hubs had to work that day) it's like WoW, but based in Elder Scrolls lore and looks like Skyrim.

  • Yeah, if you're looking for an Elder Scrolls game with multiplayer, look elsewhere.  If you are looking for MMO style kill/fetch quests in the Elder Scrolls universe, you are in luck!

  • No one wants kill/fetch quests, man.
  • Been sitting next to my roommate on the couch while he's playing ESO for the last few hours. I have a mac so I can't play it, but it looks pretty goddamn awesome so far.

  • It's apparently not F2P sadly. The PvP looks rad.
  • Tvistor said:
    No one wants kill/fetch quests, man.
    Yeah, I know. It was more my passive aggressive distaste for what the game turned out to be.  I don't know why I was expecting a single player RPG experience out of an MMO in the first place, though.

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    to be fair, all MMo's have kill/fetch quests at one point. It's just the question of how many other quests they have inbetween. From what I played in, say, FF14:RR they alternate quests quite well. But that might just be me liking final fantasy too much
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  • Playing it right now as a breton sorcerer, though I'm on the EU server

  • Switching back and forth between an Imperial Dragonknight in the Daggerfall Covenant named Talon and a High Elf in the Aldmeri Dominion named Object.
  • I haven't started up just yet, but I'll likely be playing an Imperial. Which faction? Who knows!

    Either that or a Khajiit or Bosmer Nightblade.
  • Wtb Elder Scrolls VI more:(
  • Very few kill x quests, a few of the quests are bugged right now, but that's my only problem with the game so far. It will all depend on the end-game as to whether ESO can hold on. I'm a bit worried that there's no auction house, but maybe that's a good thing?
  • There is some sorta, it's just all guild based with guild stores, your guild needs to have at least 50 to open that option up

  • EiredhelEiredhel California
    @Manifestation for Daggerfall Covenant because it has my favorite lore for the whole Elder Scrolls universe and I could sit and talk about it for hours... 

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  • I am mostly playing Nightblade with a Dragonknight alt, both Khajiit (of course) and both Dominion. Really love the game so far, the quests are much more refreshing than your typical MMO quests and much better than Skyrim's same-y quests, from what I have seen so far.
  • EpiphanyEpiphany Colorado Springs
  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    I'm on there too. Loving it. Dragon Knight/Healer kinda thing going on right now. @Lord_Fronius

    PS I'm kinda glad I found this thread. More people should be playing.

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    I found M'aiq awhile back! We need more screenshots and such.

  • WeiWei Monterey, California
    I'm waiting for the PS4 version, because that's where my RL friends will be, but OMG6monthdelaywhy?
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