List of Deathsights


I am trying to find anyone who may have a complete or very inclusive list of the different Deathsights. I am working on a bit of coding, and while I have amassed a good bit of what I need so far, I have been told that it would be much more efficient, to seek out the help of other Achaeans, as someone may have already compiled it. If  anyone has one to supply, I will be most grateful. If not, I will happily keep chugging away at my project on my own. Thank you!


  • There are a couple of deathsight specific threads on the forums. They'd be a good place to start. Then searching the quotes and rants threads for words like "slain".
  • Will do, I appreciate it!
  • If you only need to match any deathsight line, and don't need to get the names or anything, you can simply set deathsight to a unique colour and match any line of that colour.

    Even if you do need the specific lines, you can do the above method anyways and have it keep a list of every deathsight you see, so you can collect them passively over time.
  • I like that idea, Sena, thank you. I will get that set up!
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