Error after I log on

So, for the last two or three days, every time I try to play the game (except for a single time), the screen only shows this:

Does anybody know what that means, or how to fix it?


  • It's cause your name is the anti of mine. Change your name, should fix the problem.
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    TypeError: Object # has no method 'jump''
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    That picture terrified me for a second, @Sarapis staring at me like that

    To actually contribute: You'll need to summon @Tecton, @Cardan(?), or maybe @Makarios(?) or the Big Man himself. Not sure which one though. I'm sure that between the immense combined amount of brainpower, they can figure it out.
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  • I've been hearing a lot of errors with HTML5 client lately. GUI elements not loading properly and such
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