year 650

Now that things have calmed down,  I want to reflect on y650 because it's eating away at me pretty bad.

First off, congrats @Iakimen.  You deserved it 100% and there was no way anyone was stopping you.  I'm glad I could put up a brief fight to make it fun though.

My god that event was nerve wracking.  You never know what to expect in world event situations and the fact that being forced to fly or accidentally slipping indoors can ruin your whole run made it incredible.  It was a complete cross-continent/city brawl with no traveling abilities to keep people together.  Just raw coordination and zerg'ing.  I'm thankful to have had Ashtan backing me during that event.  They were awesome and can't ask for a better support team.

Grove rezz may have helped at the end, but if it were changed or not allowed at all, i'm sure they would have changed their tactics Iakimen still would have gotten top 5.

XP Event:
There is no one to blame but myself for losing this event.  I had a ~45mill lead halfway through and I completely ruined it.  I saw Tesha pass Iakimen and Proficy was rising, so i tried to release my hold on UW and Annwyn so other people could climb the leaderboards and pass Iakimen. 

Meanwhile, this was about the time the Eleusian crew got together and got Iakimen full control of Meropis again.  Unfortunately, all of my people took my big lead and Iakimen's small break as a good time to get some rest.  I started PK'ing with a small group to help slow Iakimen down while I was trying to let other people get XP and pass him.  This failed miserably and Iakimen started catching up quickly.  Somehow, I still thought if I got back to bashing my number was unreachable...mistake.

Rangor, Alrena, and even Yae were absolutely amazing.  I was never able to coordinate Eleusis like that.  You guys were flawless and Eleusis is lucky to have you.

I have nothing but good things to say about my side too.  They put me in exactly the position I needed to be to win.  They gave me a freakin 45 million point lead! and I straight up blew it.

That 15 minute scramble at the end was the most intense thing I have ever been a part of in Achaea.  I was simultaneously trying to sneak in mobs kills and quickly travel to cross-continent/plane/islands when the huge Eleusis group was showing up to gate/kill me. I have know idea how my body responded to that intensity after being up 37 hrs straight, but it was amazing.  I don't think anyone involved will ever forget that xp event.

I regretted that loss, but still had Twins tourny to look forward to, so I wasn't completely devastated, yet.

At this point, the staff was pretty much lost unless we could somehow knock Iakimen/Rom out early.  Of course, the stars align and somehow we don't face them until the finals.

Once again, I completely ruined twins for us.  Sure, Dunn died in under 5 seconds, but we were expecting that as a possibility so we prepared accordingly.  There was a reason we were double occie and not some combination of dragon/occie or something.  If one of us got focused/hindered/died, the other person could still finish the momentum chain into enlighten while the other person was dying and then it would become 1v1.  EXACTLY this scenario happened.

Rom axe'd prefarar, I peaced/bloodleech, Dunn paralyzed/bloodleeched.  Perfect, peace/para on Rom, so not much he can contribute now.  NOPE.  He eats bellwort, eats bloodroot and trumpets JUST before I am able to peace again.  He gets trumpet, Dunn dies immediately to 80% AXK.  As soon as Dunn dies, I madness/hecate Rom as we planned.  Sweet, I can easily enlighten now.  Rom spams ring of flying.  I dervish him out of the skies and here's where I fuck up soooooo bad.  I redo madness on him for some unknown reason because I thought all I had gotten was hecate on him.  Madness is around 3.5 second eq.  Had I firelord/enlightened he would have been enlightened and died.  He flies again, I dervish.  He's all kinds of messed up with stupidity, but because I re-madnessed he's able to cure the other afflictions.  So when I firelord/enlighten now, the enlighten failed :(.  Game over.  100% my fault.  How epic would a 1v1 Jhui vs Iakimen fight to determine twins have been? :(

Overall, I'm not mad about not winning the staff, but I'm mad about single-handedly completely destroying the hard work everyone put in to help me win those last 2 events.  Everything was set up in my favor and I straight up blew it.  I had a support team that, in my opinion, not even Eleusis matched during all of the events.  After twins, my body just hurt because I felt like I let a huge group of people down.

That being said, y650 was still one of the most fun things I have been apart of.  Now I know how the Spurs felt blowing a 5 point lead in the last 20 seconds to the Heat in Game 6 last year.  It's terrible.

Fuck it though, CTF here we come.


  • @Jhui‌

    Bro those 16 hours I put in to help you were totally worth it regardless of anything else.

    I'm upset I wasn't able to stick around more to help (work sucks) because man, what if my re sketching a totem could have been the difference?

    You're a monster bro, regardless what happened. We all make mistakes. @Iakimen‌ worked his ass off and his team were backing him full out.

    Have to say my respect for the @Eleusis team went through the roof after all of that. Tree huggers? Man they rock in group lol. Would love to fight them like that more often.

    Ahyway, here's to @Jhui winning in 700. Maybe then I can pull a full shift!

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • (Oh, and great post, Jhui. Like how you conveyed the excitement of it all!)
  • Classy as always, @Jhui. Of course I would've loved to see the staff in the hands of a Mhaldorian (if only to find out the extent of its powers, everyone I've asked so far has been pretty tight-lipped aside from the faster eq/balance), but definitely not displeased to see it in the hands of @Iakimen. We've had limited interaction outside of raids, but he seems like a class act.

  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    oh and bring on the CTF


    One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important

    As drawn by Shayde
    hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae
  • I... I... I...


  • GaiaGaia The Garden of the Gods
    Yeah, @Dunn hit the nail on the head with that one. :-O

  • That was about the collective Garden response, I think!
  • Jhui said:
    Now I know how the Spurs felt blowing a 5 point lead in the last 20 seconds to the Heat in Game 6 last year.
    no you don't
    And as he slept he dreamed a dream, and this was his dream.
  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    Time for a no-limit heads up poker tournament to settle this one.
  • Ellodin said:
    Jhui said:
    Now I know how the Spurs felt blowing a 5 point lead in the last 20 seconds to the Heat in Game 6 last year.
    no you don't
    i made that comment for you
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    Cascades of quicksilver light streak across the firmament as the celestial voice of Ourania intones, "Oh Jarrod..."

  • 1v1 duel
  • Should have them duel while only tumbling, answering quiz questions, and fighting honours mobs. And while uh...eating bandersnatch fruit?

  • Freeze tag, the sport of kings.
  • Make them play mancala. Best 2 out of 3 takes the Staff once and for all.
  • screw mancala
  • AmanuAmanu Forge Tree
    Rock, Paper, Scissors!

  • Winner of the CTF takes the staff. You thought Meropis xp event was epic?

    Your move, Garden.
  • Should be something individually based imo.

  • Amanu said:
    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!
  • knowing Sarapis, he's going to ask them a question like:

    Which Divine has given out the most zaps, all time? And the first to guess it gets staff.


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