Raleigh NC Meet

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Okay so its about time I hosted a meet.  I was thinking Raleigh is a good central location with tons of nightlife....Not sure on a date yet but I am gathering interest.


@soulfyriani You better be there unless you are deployed!

@Santar you are welcome to come too


And anyone Else who wants to be there is fine by me.  Just post up ideas and thoughts and RSVPing


(I will have massive ammounts of beer on hand)



  • The main part of the meet would be held at the Brass Tap (pool hall) and from there we could move to one of the many hotels in the area.

    @havyn has said she is interested in attending as well.


  • I'd go. it's only 45 minutes away. That being said I'd have to bring my wife and kid

  • @deladan

    That is perfectly acceptable.  Newhope crossing is nearby and they have all sorts of resturants there, also there is a public park about 10 minutes from the Brass Tap. 

    Famlies are Welcome.


    If we get enfough family memebers there we they can hold a support group for those hurt by achaea addicitons  LOL


  • I live in Raleigh off tryon road right down the street from Cary. I'm always down at hillsborough street at the hookah bars during the night times sometimes I head over to solas or still life depending on what my friends are doing.

  • did I mention I'd probably need a ride.....

  • From Where Deladan?  I have a ford Excursion so I can fit you and your family!  However, if I see an axe then I'm booking



  • I live right on the edgecombe county nash county boarder so about 45 min from raleigh

  • Haven't used this forum in a long time, but this looks like a recent topic.

    Anyways, yeah, I'm still in NC, and I actually may be moving to Pittsboro in a couple weeks, which is really close to Raleigh. If I do end up moving there before this happens, I will almost definitely come. Will probably be on the fence otherwise, since it's about an hour and 45 minute drive from where I'm at now.


    I'll keep tabs on this topic and let you know if I can stop by!


  • Sweet still setting a date.  After Harvest my schedule (except for deer hunting) will be completely empty


  • I'm moving to Sanford when I get married in April, it's pretty close to Raleigh.
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