Hey, just wanted to see if anyone else out there has Spotify. If so, I thought it would be fun to be able to share any good playlists we found. Upon that, we could even make our own for hunting, so that the grind isnt quite so boring! Or one for raids, to get us amped up. Let me know! Thanks


  • ShadracShadrac Denton, TX

    I use Spotify EXTENSIVELY.

    Not sure how to share my profile but this is my STARRED playlist: Starred and for the Spotify URI: Starred

    Not sure which works - and alternatively I believe my name on it is: brandonempting

  • Nice, Ill throw together something for ya @Shadrac
  • edited March 2014  @Shadrac Here ya go! Not really in any order, just by name. And despite the first song by Train, there really is some better stuff as you listen. I just find that one amusing so I listen to it sometimes. 

    Aww darn! Some of the new Foster the People I put on there was from my itunes, so it didnt transfer over. 
  • @Zuko you misspelled the first Achaean in your signature.
  • Jyson said:
    @Zuko you misspelled the first Achaean in your signature.
    You are right! Heh, thanks
  • TohranTohran Everywhere you don't want to be. I'm the anti-Visa!
    Woot spotify!

    I have a playlist for when I was Battlegrounding in WoW, so it works for raiding or hunting in Achaea too!

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