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Hi all. 

I'm just getting back into the game with a concerted effort after a massively long hiatus of playing the forums and random alting, and I've pulled out my ~3 year old system. It's in serious need of updating, so I'm going to need all the help I can get in procuring all of the recent trigger lines, particularly Occultists and Priests. It will be an OOC endeavour, so if you can send me a Forums Message with your character and class (preferably transcendent) or post willingness to help in this thread, I will send you the alt I'm building myself back up with's name and arrange a time to meet in Delos Arena and gather trigger lines as well as do some testing.

I don't have much to offer in return for this, but I really appreciate the effort of anyone that steps forward. Any and all classes are needed :)



  • Just buy svo

  • I'll help you with Shaman class, might be fun.
  • If you just need the lines, download omnipave and steal them from there maybe?
  • XerXer Langley
    Omni doesn't have new Priest, new Occultist, the new INRIFT lines, various Bard abilities, pretty much everything that's been changed in the last round of classleads and since. It simply hasn't been updated to account for a large number of minor details. In fact, I think it still has tree balance at 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds still. Omni would still provide a decent base for a lot of things, but it's more than reasonable to be searching for the lines of various class abilities.
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    I think Omni had Occultist last update, last time I checked? Shouldn't have Priests, though.

    Edit: Added question mark :P
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    @Alcinae your signature is great! needs more pokémon though :p

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