Backgrounds and Histories

Which characters have public backgrounds or histories?

I came across the HELP scrolls on it but haven't really seen a lot of people with written backgrounds and have found not a single character with a written history. If you have one or know of somebody whose got one, post it here!


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    I have one because it was a requirement of the Runewarden guild, but I only have it visible to my allies. Most people restrict the privacy of their backgrounds, or only share them with those they are intimate with. There are many people that choose not to have one though.
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    Specially since they cannot be changed at all once you make them, so you either have to think what to write very thoroughtly, or hide it afterwards and pretend it never happened.

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  • I have a background, but it was written ages ago. I wish I hadn't been able to write a background until I hit 150 though (maybe with new chapters opening up every 50 years). I think it would have been infinitely more developed and I'd have been encouraged to continue writing it. As it stands, it is a product of my early days in the game and pretty focused on how I felt about certain people and organizations at the time, not at all indicative of what I see now as I look back and reflect on Bluef's life. There isn't a lot of impetus to write a background or subsequent histories in the realm either though, so who knows. 
  • There was a big rant on the old forums regarding me specifically and backgrounds... someone was complaining about having to do their background in a journal as part of their requirements and figured they would check out the Guild Leader (I think it was still in the Tanjinn days) to see what his was like... and then went to the forums to rant about how I could require him to do something that I hadn't..
  • I agree, a background was required to do as part of the Maldaathi path; however, no one who was the rank of knight had one. So I made one during that time as follow.

    The Background of Tiamat

    Tiamat was born a Xorani. Not much is known about his parents, since he

    was abandoned on the doorstep of a humble family of lumberjacks which

    resided in a small village on the edge of the Aalen Forest. The family

    was very proficient at their livelihood, and taught Tiamat the values of

    the axe. At an early age Tiamat grew to be physically strong and

    knowledgeable of all things within the forest. He lived a life of a

    humble lumberjack until the age of thirteen.


    Growing up Tiamat was very sheltered. He knew nothing about the world

    outside of the majestic Vashnar Mountains that loomed over the Aalen

    Forest. Life was pretty straightforward: chop, cut, and repeat. However,

    all that ended abruptly one day, during the early morning the first day

    of Sarapin, in the year 270 AF. That morning, a savage band of dirty,

    barefoot, and vile smelling heathens raided the tiny village of

    lumberjacks. All Tiamat remembers is that they were wielding tridents

    and short staffs, shouting and screaming insanely, and hastily set fire

    to the huts that made up the village.


    During the attacks, the leader of the village grabbed Tiamat and the

    other children. They all quickly ran up to the summit of the Vashnar

    Mountains. By the blessing of Hermes, Hycanthus, the recluse wizard

    happened to be pacing about. Recognizing the horror in the village

    leader's eyes, Hycanthus quickly assured the village elder that he would

    take care of the children until the attack had been suppressed.


    All the children began to sob and cry out for their parents. However,

    Tiamat being a Xoran, strong willed and fuming with rage, ran off to

    meet up with the village elder to defend his home from the barbaric

    forestall raiders. Unfortunately, as he was recklessly dashing across

    one of the many steep trails, Tiamat's foot slipped and he plummeted

    down the face of a high cliff. As he was falling, he was hit in the head

    by a large boulder and knocked unconscious as he tumbled many times

    before his body finally came to rest. His lifeless body lay between a

    pile of jagged stones, broken and shattered.

    After awhile, the soul of Tiamat began to contemplate the overwhelming

    desire to embrace eternal death and enter the halls of the underworld

    forever. However, a young Ashuran monk by the name of Xandu happened to

    be walking by. Seeing the mangled body of Tiamat, he quickly used his

    healing powers and restored Tiamat's body enough so that his soul was

    able to inhabit it. Xandu carried the body of young Tiamat back with him

    to Ashtan, where Tiamat remained in a deep coma until the first of

    Sarapin, in the year 275 AF. As Tiamat awoke, he couldn't remember

    anything about his past. Unknowing his horrible fate, Tiamat set off to

    become an Ashuran monk under the mentorship of Xandu.

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    I wish we knew more about an adventurer's actual track record at a glance. At the least, a history of cities and houses, and long term enemy statuses, because that really is something of a snapshot of their history and background in a very real way.
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    poor @Kinilan‌



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  • Mishgul said:

    poor @Kinilan‌


    want to know the best part?

    I still have the background recomposition thing from 400 AF. I can re-write that 12-13 year old mess and clean it up...but I never have.

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    It hear it's a masterpiece Kinilan. I dunno why you would ever think about changing it :D

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  • If re-composition of background and history were permitted, people might be more inclined to make use of this feature. As it stands, it's just not worth the risk.

  • You just necro'd a 7 year old thread, well done.

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  • You just necro'd a 7 year old thread, well done.

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