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Introduction and a Question!

AzerusAzerus Member Posts: 3
Hello, I am not new to Achaea but have decided to stop mucking about and finally create a character I will stick with! Short introduction I know but some extra information will be given in the process of me asking my question!

 I am a Cyrenian ( Insert baked goods joke here) and that is all I know for sure...I can't seem to pick a class and it has come down to Rune Warden or Paladin. I have spent a few days thinking about it and I can't decide. The two classes both sound wonderful so I thought if I came here and listed what I liked you would be able to help!

- I love to hunt.
- I really enjoy the Knight Style Of RP
- I have about...zero combat experience but would really like to get involved as I increase in power and stature in this wonderful world.
- I don't want to invest credits heavily, I am willing to put forth some money later on but I am not interested in being the best, I just want to enjoy hunting, role-play and some good ol' fights.

 If any more information is needed or even if you just want to know extra things for fun, I'll gladly post more!


  • CooperCooper Member Posts: 5,296 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    edited March 2014
    Missed a key word

    Go runewarden

  • AzerusAzerus Member Posts: 3
     Thank you both for the responses, I went Runewarden learned up to Jera in Runelore and up to Battlecry in Chivalry and joined the Wardens. I asked around but not many people were able to spend time to talk to me about the events you mentiond @Eld but hopefully I learn about it soon!
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