New Zealand Meetup - Tentatively planned for Sunday April 20th

AlkaidAlkaid Auckland, New Zealand
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Ok, so I'm drafting out plans for a meetup for NZ (and as improbable as it is likely to be, any Australians who wish to make the trip across the ditch...) for Easter Weekend, Sunday 20th to be specific.

While this would likely be the most convenient date for most people, I am more than happy to consider other dates if more people can make it to that date instead.

Unless anyone has any particular requests for things they would like to do, I'll make the "current" plan to be: going to Waiwera Hotpools during the day, then afterwards in the evening, either going to Paradice Ice Skating in the evening or going to play Lasertag for a while.  I will also see about hiring a BBQ from Waiwera or booking one of the picnic areas so we can have lunch there (I'd like to avoid eating at the Cafe, it can be a little bit expensive)

If you are interested, please respond in here or via private message if you would rather keep your intention to attend as a surprise (*cough*divines*cough* >_>)

With regards to pricing, to get into Waiwera, you are looking at $26 for an adult, $20 if you have Tertiary or Secondary School student ID.  I need to get a firm price on Lasertag, but anticipate it to be around $15 or so.  Ice Skating, if we choose to do that instead, costs $17, including skate hire, or $12.50 if you have your own ice skates.

I have access to a car, so I can transport up to 4 other people with me to Waiwera and to Lasertag/Ice Skating, while petrol contributions would be welcomed, they will not be expected.

Unfortunately, from what I have been reading, Air New Zealand scrapped their cheap "Night Rider" flights within NZ, so at present, the cheapest travel method if you were to travel into Auckland, would be via bus, which you will be looking at around $30  (Airfare costs around $45-50 each way depending on who you are flying with, but is a lot faster)
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