nexus / basic triggers.

LyoshaLyosha northeastern tennessee.
i must confess, i'm one of the few[?] players who play via apple products, i.e. iphone and ipad. primarily ipad, though. anyway, i use the mudrammer app whenever i'm on the go and love it –– but need to make some tweaks here and there, especially with triggers and aliases and whatnot. because being mobile limits things pretty heavily, i usually only log on when out and about to rat for some quick cash and maybe do some socializing. i was wondering if there's a list of any affliction messages and cures out there, for triggers and aliases? no &U!(#@&8uo0!)(&)*! everywhere in it, either, 'cause mudrammer is barebones, no fancy symbols required except basic variables. so like .. [quote]"You are blind and can see nothing but darkness."[/quote] help, anyone?
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