disgruntled cockatiel.

LyoshaLyosha northeastern tennessee.
[quote]You pet a grey cockatiel ingratiatingly. A grey cockatiel snaps at your fingers with a disgruntled squawk.[/quote] [quote]A magnificent crest of yellow feathers erupts from this bird's head, curving in on themselves at the top to give her the appearance of a pompadour. Upon each cheek of the creature is a dot of orange in the shape of a near-perfect circle. A fine lattice of bristles surrounds her oval-shaped eyes and short beak, kept in good condition by the cockatiel's constant preening. Two stubby pink legs stick out from her body, finishing in a set of tiny white talons. She is called 'Yarou.' A grey cockatiel looks relatively helpless. She weighs 1 ounce(s). You see nothing in it. It will reset to you.[/quote] I gave her several honeyed seedballs. Dunno why she's so moody; she's never done this before. Any suggestions?
"Individually we are weak, like a single twig. But as a bundle, we form a mighty faggot."



  • Very odd. That's similar to how my pets react to other people, but they're friendly to me. Send in a BUG for it?
  • OuraniaOurania The Garden of the Gods
    She has lost her loyalty, perhaps been slain? You can ISSUE ME with the number and Admin will fix it for you :)

  • are you sure there weren't two in the room and you were petting someone else's? Also - did you accidentally hit it at any point?

  • @Kaie had this same thing happen to his budgie. It was just as @Ourania said. Someone had slain it and when it re-set it was no longer loyal to him. Admins fixed it right up!
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