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Is it currently possible, within the framework of mudlet, to set up a media (video and/or music) window?  I know it's a pretty out-there idear, but I haven't run into a lot of things mudlet can't do so far, so I figured it might be possible.


  • It is definately possible to set up a (very basic) music window. Video is not possible.

    For the music playing, you can have a look at the playSoundFile function. I'm not sure about stopping the sound though.

    If there is a way to control external media players via command line/plugin scripts, you can write controllers in Mudlet as well.
  • You can interface with other programs, sure, but I was hoping to get a video window.

    Music is kinda pointless, I have a mac, so it all but reads my mind already, for music.
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    I use media player classic with the "Always on top while playing" option selected, all UI elements turned off, and just size it to fit in with my Mudlet UI.
  • Yeah that's what I've been doing, pretty much.  It works.

  • Alternatively you can use buttons that run scripts on your thingywhatsit with os commands to play music. Someone set something like that up for me that works with foobar2000 (the music player). I have no idea how they did it but it works!
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