Call for podcast interviews

Hi all, I produce a podcast called Seeingspectacles on the classical world and pop culture out of the University of British Columbia, and I'm trying to put together a short episode on the community of Achaea, what it's like to be part of a virtual citystate, how city/house leaders manage the responsibility of administration and how that relates to their lives IRL, how the gods feel about being worshiped and whether there are unexpected things players and outsiders might not have known about those relationships, players who don't fit the regular mold of the RPG player, artisans who create things in game, and also maybe looking at characters who are pretty rotten in game and see what their real personas are like--was thinking of talking to some Mark/infamous/thieves for this possibly, because I totally remember freaking the fuck out when someone stole my journal because I didn't have a flame sigil attached.

I used to play pretty regularly when I was high school and had a lot of special experiences in game and I wanted to see if I could find other people with stories to tell about their experiences. I have a lot of respect for this game because it took such good care of me when I was younger, so I want to do it justice and make it something that people playing will love and also expose it to people who don't play at all. If you have a story to tell, send me a message at eternityonourlips(at), and we'll set up a time for an interview.

Thanks so much!

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