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Simple Combat Classes?



  • JovoloJovolo EnglandMember Posts: 3,270 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Their balances are very slow and they don't outpace curing at all. They might have a lot of morphs, but this helps with utility (flying, foraging for food, tracking, fast endurance regen, burrowing, and so on) - not really combat efficiency. Their two instant kills are freeze pound: Which is technically not even an instant kill. It does 97% or 98% damage, I can't remember which, and the damage can even be mitigated by defenses. It is also really easily avoided. The other is incinerate. Incinerate is an instant kill if your opponent reaches under 50% health, which is viable but one dimensional (your main damage output is your hunting attack, maul.) and turns your PvP into a boring PvE style fight.

    If you can't invest a lot of credits for artifacts to optimize your damage output, you won't be very successful and you might get bored.

    Sylvan on the other hand is pretty damn fun, and also very effective in hunting, group fights and 1v1, while sharing Druid utility of groves, having the ability to harvest and make their own curatives while also making money from this, and they are factionalized - Lots of roleplay potential and you have easy, encouraged access to conflict (fights) whenever you want it.

  • IlanoreIlanore Member Posts: 10

    @Jovolo Thanks for that! Sounds great, definitely leaning towards Sylvan then. Any comments on Sentinel? Do they really require a super expensive handaxe? :(


  • JovoloJovolo EnglandMember Posts: 3,270 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Yup, also additional skills (higher lesson investment) such as weaponry to use the handaxe accurately. Sentinels are a good class when you get more established and build up your other class skills such as Survival, and Weaponry.

    Sylvans have the added benefit of their Viridian form providing them with +2 to both the constitution and intelligence stats. You can get involved at a higher level of combat without needing to spend many hours hunting up to a high level. They also literally only really need transcendent elementalism and Groves up to Quarterstaff to compete. It's a comparitvely small lesson cost for what you get.
  • IlanoreIlanore Member Posts: 10
    Ok, looks like i'll be sticking to Sylvan.(Eleusis is a pain though) Thank you all for youe help!


  • XithXith Member Posts: 2,602 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    Just for fun, I'm going to approximate the difficulty ranking for all the classes, so in descending order:
    (based on newbie suitability primarily, i.e. less coding to manage)

    - Difficult -
    Alchemist:   requires heavy micromanagement
    Jester:      either they rock the class or fail at it
    Serpent:     long reign as deadliest, but requires expertise
    Bard:        misunderstood and rarely used, but massive potential
    Shaman:      potent but also overestimated in ease, requires knowledge
    ( * )Occultist:   very dominant class, recent rework increased complexity

    - Complex - 
    Druid:       unreliable kit, difficult in terms of success rate
    Apostate:    easiest locking class but requires expertise to succeed
    Sentinel:    easy to damage spam, but hard for other tricks
    ( * )Priest:      requires expertise to capitalize
    ( * )Paladin:     knights are easy, except their fancier moves
    Infernal:    requires slightly more understanding than other preppers

    - Simple - 
    Monk:        can often outclass an opponent with equivalent arties
    Blademaster: easy to learn, but difficult to master
    Runewarden:  straightforward damage stacks, prep optional
    Sylvan:      decent damage, with a sly instakill just in case
    Magi:        the simplest casting and ability stacking

    Roughly sorted. Simple classes can be successful with almost no combat knowledge necessary for their offense. The "Complex" classes require higher understanding of combat or innovation (druid) to succeed, also requiring more micromanagement/reflexes.
    "Difficult" classes require very high micromanagement/reflexes and combat understanding to succeed with but can also be the most potent if well-executed.

    ( * ) I marked a couple of classes as unsure because frankly I have no idea how Priests or Paladins operate outside of being irritating with Devotion. And I believe Occultism's changes placed it in that position for difficulty because new Domination requires more micro, right? Old Occie would have been in the middle tier for sure but ents were made more complex.

    Note: some of the simplest classes are also most efficient at high-tier combat while potentially the most complex can encounter difficulties there. The simple classes are great for learning because you can discover their more complex sides without adding a lot of mechanical complexity.
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  • XithXith Member Posts: 2,602 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    You can rename the bottom group "classes girls can win with". ;P

    lol jk don't hurt me.
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