Sylvan or druid?

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  • Full disclosure, I am very biased, given that I enjoy Druid greatly and haven't actually done Sylvan!
  • Not even a competition. Sylvan is just better at combat
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    Obviously Sylv.

    But @Swadryt is a badass, and I reaaaaally like the druid class.
    Not that I've played it or anything. >.>
  • Both based on prepping and/or damage. Druid has more variety but Sylvan is probably more effective and less complicated. So if you're new to Achaea and/or combat, go with Sylvan.
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    Both are very similar.

    Both are straightforward classes. You're counting limb damage, but your offense isn't managing many concurrent abilities or moving at as rapid a pace as classes like serpent or knight.

    Both revolve around dealing limb damage (druid: maul, sylvan: thornrend). Druid is physical-based while sylvan is magical-based, but the distinction there is minor.

    Both classes have options for a damage offense and an instakill offense. This is good because past a certain threshold of health/levels/artifacts/general beefiness, damage kills become far, far more difficult. Sylvans' instakill (heartseed) is more reliable than druids' (incinerate).

    Out of combat, both have strong utility, druid with morph abilities like Traverse and Hoist, sylvan with fun tricks like illusion and reflection. Both can fly, both can burrow. Both share the Groves skill, which provides heavy in- and out-of-combat utility and defense.

    Both classes are soon to receive major overhauls. Concoctions - the third class skill for druid, sylvan, and sentinel - along with every other class-based tradeskill, is going to be made a public tradeskill 'Soon™', and they will be replaced with new third class skills. We have no details on this, like whether druid and sylvan might receive a unique or shared, identical skill, so it is difficult to factor into your decision. Just something to be aware of.

    edit: I voted sylvan because Heartseed is great, and turning into the Swamp Thing and lumbering about like an ent is awesome. Hoom, hoom. But if you went druid, you could unironically wear an elk skull and help bring back Wicker Man-style insidious paganism.
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    What can druids do that sylvans can't, and vice versa? I know they are very similar, though. And yeah! Ents are pretty awesome, but druid could also be some pretty cool RP too. I think with this character I finally want to focus on unique rp, it's not all about advancing anymore, because i've found after the first little bit you kinda hit a plateau, at least I do.


    I also made a post about classes and i'm eyeing up the forestals most likely, so this thread was cool to see too!


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