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I was going through the old forums and I came across this gem of a discussion where they were discussing the best fighters and then Iphis? and Saadya? were telling everyone that Mindshell/Rennyn and Jarrel (misspelt my name everytime) were just about a few cheap tricks and that if they ever came back they would never survive in this age of mass sold Vadi's curing systems.

Then Terra came in and told everyone she was essentially the best serpent ever because she has killed the most people the fastest as serpent, subsequently Santar came in and derailed it with his massive ego.

It was very ironic how very soon after that quite literally all those preconceptions and self-beliefs were shattered. (Except Mindshell coming back to put noses in the dust, shame).


I really miss Achaea, sometimes, but everytime I come back, things have always changed, usually not for the best.



  • Is that where Santar described you and him as mortar rounds to the face, while Terra was a knife in the dark? Pretty sure he called her out on warriors after that and she was totally silent. Oh god that was funny.

    The old forums have some good moments in them... there isn't really that sense of competition, especially in dueling, around now. Everyone takes the banter too seriously and you get b& and or WTF'd out of the forums.
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    The old forums were vibrantly, deliciously horrible, dynamic, interesting, unpredictable, and violent Game of Thrones, complete with weiners (sp?).  IRE has successfully killed them though, and as so many of our players have stayed with the game for so long, the average age may be a bit higher now.  I think the second part plays a small role, but really it's down to professional moderation and disallowing/discouraging any sort of alternative forums.
  • Jarrel, come back. You may think things have changed but you are still awesome.

    I quit for a long time about a year after the fora were introduced, so I don't know the difference between new and old really, except because they were new and exciting there were a lot more people around and there was none of this flagging thing so I didn't mind so much when people entirely miss the point of my posts because they are so absorbed in their own world and can easily click a button without thinking about content.

    Though I do remember the metagaming of Occultism talk on the fora leading to in game consequences which was always fun to watch.
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