hmtl 5 Autowalker 1.0

I made the title as misleading as could be, and for that I am sorry.

anyone made one yet?  I know I don't have the smarts to make one, but it probably involves each room having its own roomID and allot of arrays arrays and what not?

if it already exist, on HTML please link :)


  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    There isn't, but we have a pretty extensive LANDMARK system in-game, which will get you to many places (and has the ability to define your own personal locations for ease of access).
  • There is no real point in spending much time on it I guess, in particular when there is a whole curing system to be coded first.
  • but walkto is not nearly as fast as the autowalker used by most people who use mudlet. with it you can - correct me if i'm wrong - walk from cyrene to hashan in 15 seconds, without using wormholes.
  • Normal movement (without the mhun bonus or an armband of celerity) is about 2 moves per second. WALK TO can be brought down to 1 move every 0.5 seconds with a magnetic needle (2 Mayan crowns from the Shop of Wonders) and Traveller minor trait, making it equal or better (since it's automatic and not affected by connection speed) than normal movement.
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