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MaraxMarax The Scriptorium
I'm trying to get some buttons in this format (on the right sidebar). I have the buttons over there, but I more than one on a line...(If that makes any sense):

button 1
b2   b3
b4   b5
button 6

I'm trying to configure their position, but changing the position on the X/Y axes isn't changing anything.

Any help (other than "don't use buttons" :D) would be awesome and appreciated!
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  • MaraxMarax The Scriptorium
    edited January 2014
    Update, I split it into two I kinda of get what I want. Now...positioning buttons in zMud was really easy. Is there a way to move buttons around in the (side)bars in the client?

    (Aside from adding like 5 rows of buttons to place buttons where I want them!)
    (<clan>): Kuy says, "Gurl, I could talk myself outta Alkatraz."
  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    edited January 2014
    Hey again, Congregant! ( @Marax )

    I worked up some real life code that does exactly what you want in a very easy-to-understand manner, complete with code comments (noted by double dashes).

    You'll probably want to play with things like colour, as well as what the buttons actually do. I hope that I understood your original diagram correctly. Hit me up if you have any further questions.

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