Anyone from the Lincoln, NE or Omaha, NE area?

Just feeling around because..  Well, I can't talk any of my friends into playing, unfortunately.  It'd be nice to meet up with some people who get the whole 'text game' fascination.


  • 96th and Q, Omaha
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  • I'm back in California for a few years, but not selling my house.  Omaha is great!  
  • There's a few more of us in the area.  One in Iowa, the other in Northern Missouri.
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  • I'm in Kansas City, MO area, but if a meet happened up, I would make that 3 hour drive.
  • We mid-westerners don't meet up.  Unspoken rule.
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  • Probably cause there's only like four of us, lol.  I still say we should all figure out a locale that's easy enough for us all to get to and meet up, maybe grab a few beers and shoot the breeze.
  • I recommend Vegas.
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  • And.. thread is Dead, like everything else in the Midwest due to snow and the cold.  Meh!  I've had it with this winter.
  • Everytime it snows..  a piece of me dies inside.

    And see if anyone wants to do something at Fun Plex or something

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  • Hit me up if you're passing through.  I don't log in much, but I know where to find bars.  Also, Kevin Hart is coming to the Funny Bone Comedy Club
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  • I was born in Lincoln, does that count?
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