New Talisman Commands

I've been dealing a lot with talismans lately, and though these would be useful for most people.

TALISMAN COMBINE ALL - combines every talisman piece you possess fully

TALISMAN SPLIT ALL - splits every talisman piece you possess fully

These would have a balance cost associated so you couldn't muck up the servers by using it too frequently.

The Talisman Trade could also use a few tweaks.

TALISMAN TRADE X PIECE blackdragonclaw to Penwize for

That would let you trade for credits, and trade multiple pieces at once. No more doing 34 trades at 500 gold a piece, or lumping all the gold in with the first trade. This would also convert any higher level pieces you have down to level 1 so you don't have to do that yourself.

Also plz look into the "rare commons" drop rate, it feels too low.


  • I think this was already mentioned @sarapis said he wants it to be a bit of a pain in the ass to trade them, and they are to be only for gold.
  • Riley said:

    I think this was already mentioned @sarapis said he wants it to be a bit of a pain in the ass to trade them, and they are to be only for gold.

    I find this stance a bit odd though. People are going to trade for credits, and trading for credits doesn't carry any risk because of admin stance/oversight on scams. So why not facilitate credit trades as well?

    Similarly, bulk transactions are going to happen, and they're protected in the same way, so why not make it possible to do a bulk transaction without big chunks of spam?

  • did not say I agreed, just that I thought it had been addressed
  • The trade command is pretty verbose as is. I can see why people would want more control there, but I'm not sure adding yet more optional arguments is the best way to go about that. If something like this was on the cards (not saying it is either way - I'm not sure what the current stance there is), an alternative mechanism that wasn't quite so cumbersome would be better. Concise commands are better, and the trade command--even at present--is anything but.
  • Yeah. The commands are irrelevant, though, as long as the idea behind them remains.


    Combining all your talismans pieces at once with one command, splitting them in the same manor, and being able to trade multiple pieces in one command.

  • Split all seems fine. I'm not sure on combine all, however.

    I suspect this wouldn't be quite as useful in reality as on paper simply due to the fact that you're rarely going to want to combine all your pieces to the same level (outside of the dragon set, and even then sometimes not always).

    I can see maybe TALISMAN COMBINE ALL piece UPTO level, which would seem to me to be far more useful.
  • I guess not many people are going to be sitting on like 30 pieces they have to combine from level 1 to 7 like I was/am

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    I wrote a script to split/combine my dragon pieces. Wasn't a big deal, but I think it'd be nice to just be able to combine pieces up to level seven for people who can't jury rig shit in mudlet.

    ETA: Splitting is good for tracking where you're up to - especially when you need a high level piece. It's difficult to see at a glance where you're up to when you have a level 4 piece, a level 3 and 3 level 1s that are all displayed separately, so the option to split all pieces of the same type down to level 1 would be good too.

  • Yeah, as it is I automatically split everything down to level 1 whenever I get them or check talisman pieces. Would be nice to not need a script to do that though, to keep everyone on the same page for talismans.
  • If we get a combine all command (please give us one), I request that we be able to specify which talisman set we're aiming to combine.
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