Bards' songbirds as actual class entities



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    @Shirszae I did read. I assumed you wanted it to roleplay with it. Your only argument presented in the thread was "this ability works in a way inconsistent with the way other abilities work" which is a terrible argument. Not everything has to be the same.

    Yours is not much better, defending difference simply for the sake of difference, contenting yourself with saying "lolgetarties." That adds nothing. Of course, for roleplaying, a pet would be the ideal choice, but not everyone can afford them, much less now that they've become even more expensive.

    With this, granted that it would depend much on how it was implemented, if indeed it ever was, but at least it would add some limited ability to roleplay in the same vein most other classes already can with their entities. Would some of the resulting roleplay be silly? Probably, but no more than it is already the case with other class entities.

    In the best of cases, it could even add some factional flavor for bards, if they ever wished to go that far.

    But I suppose I also agree with @Jovolo. I'll probably have to wait until classleads to submit the ideas, as it does have combat implications. However, those could be resolved rather easily, basically leaving the bird working as it does now in regards to combat while still making it an entity.

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