[Mudlet] Auto Bomb maker

Okay so I did this pretty fast, all I did was take an auto inscriber I found on the old forums (Can't remember whose it is so sorry but if someone does know whose it is can you please mention it in this thread to give them credit!) And I just converted it to makes bombs, albeit not the most practical thing in this world since i'm not amazing at scripting, but it works for me so far and I haven't had any issues with it! If you wanna edit it some more to make it better, feel free to post you're new version up here!

Use bma <concussionbomb> or bma <webbomb> or any kinda of bomb to send it to the making bomb queue, use showbma to see what you have queued, use contbma to continue inscribing what you have queued and use clearbma to clear everything you have queued! Let me know what you think, this is just me trying to be helpful!

Edit: Also I forgot to say it doesn't take into account that you make 2 bombs, so if you want to make 20 bombs, you'd have to do bma 10 concussion and stuff like that!


  • Also one last thing I just thought of, if you don't have the same balance time as me it'll be a little off, but that's an easy fix just go to the triggers and change the tempTimer number to whatever your balance time is!
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    The only ones I can think of right off hand were Mot's, Wyd's, and my tarot inscribers. Most likely one of those three.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
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