Configurable KoTH/CvA Respawn time

Hey! So, it has occurred to me, that it could be sort of fun to have a possible respawn timer added into KoTH. That way, it is not instant respawn and they are back at the hill. I think it would add a little more severity to a rush in a KoTH game. Your life suddenly becomes just a tad more valuable.

The command could be:
ARENA SETUP <Arena> SPAWNTIME <0-90 seconds>

Thoughts? Ideas? 

Edit: I actually think this should just go for KoTH. CvA is fine as is.


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    I agree. I I've sent in this through the ideas command a few times since KOTH was released. I think that place has the same function as the Pit of Golgotha though.
  • There's probably nothing less fun than deffing up in the arena. I'd rather just 2 mins enforced grace or something.

  • Defences are for people who plan on getting hit.
  • But seriously, this is a great idea. Please implement it @Cardan or @Makarios or @Tecton

     i'm a rebel

  • Woot. Thanks for the support. But yes, I agree. Especially when SVO makes me check DEF everytime, and does not do it automatically. I like Santar's idea of keeping defenses upon death!
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