[mudlet] diagnose others

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I made a little script that echos the output when you diagnose others to a window.

Just go into the script and change the "local size_x" and "local size_y" values to change the size. Change the x and y values for the container (not the label or the miniconsole) and it'll move the whole thing.

There's a relay function with alias in there, but it's disabled for now because I didn't want to monkey with it too much.

Could've probably been done better, but I wrote it up quick and was in a bit of a hurry.

Also, if you want to move it to the opposite corner only, change the x and y line in the container only (in the script) to this:

  x = (x_size+10)*-1, y = (y_size+10)*-1, 

It just makes size adjustment easier.
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