Public Computer Not Connecting

So, I'm in the library and due to unforseen funness, I don't have my laptop. So, I am trying to login, but neither the HTML, Nexus, or Mudlet clients are connecting. I can get to each page and log in, but it just doesn't connect. I am on the internet and it is working, so what is the problem?


  • Most likely they have the port blocked, a lot of public connections will have a firewall blocking pretty much every non-essential service.  You could try asking someone who works there about getting it unblocked.  No idea what the policy is at your library, but in some places if you're just nice enough to explain what it is you are wanting to do/use so they know it isn't dangerous to their network won't be a big bandwidth load, the IT department will sometimes be pretty cool about unblocking the port.
  • Fair enough. Thank you for the answer. 
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    Can also try connecting on port 2003 or port 23000!
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    I had this issue at my library. I asked the IT guy if he would be willing to open up port 23 and he did because telnet service uses less bandwidth than a standard browser. Took all of five minutes to get it unblocked.
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