SVO Prompt in Logs

KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
Those familiar with SVO, I use the simple prompt that keeps it above my command bar and I assume gags the repetition of the prompt bar throughout the screen. Does anyone know if gagged lines show up when using the build in logging option? If not, is there a way to have these captured in the log only, and not in the world/system echo?

Combat logs without a prompt bar that others can see are a bit lacking.


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    The HTML logging in SVO seems to log the system as it appears on-screen. The built-in logging in mudlet logs the full raw output from the mud before any gagging/highlighting/etc messes with it.

    ETA: The raw logging of mudlet is why I keep it enabled (using text only, not mudlet's html log feature) to preserve unadulterated logs of everything I see in-game. Timing information and input sent to the game would be nice to log as well, but at the very least I know I have a copy of the game's actual output somewhere without any trigger interference.
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