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So @Ruth has mentioned/posted one of her own making and it got me to thinking - how often do people do this?

I think it's an absolutely fabulous skill people should learn to use whenever any kinds of 'events' happen around you that have some kind of meaning to your character or your org, whether a city, House, Order, or clan. It's really challenging to take (a) log(s) and turn them into something that makes you want to re-read it later in the future.

This is something I've been practicing with a lot in my Order posts, since Neraeos is freaking fantastic and encourages it so heavily. There's quite a few of them I can't even talk about because it's a continuing storyline, but I did manage to find one that I believe is wrapped up, now. Feel free to post any you've done and are comfortable sharing, too! It should be noted, the post below is obviously aimed at the Nerai via the news, so it halfway speaks directly to them (unlike actual Events posts).

Hope you all enjoy!


It was yet another balmy day in the city of Shallam when, much to the surprise of the citizens, citadels from the Nereian Holy Fleet docked within the harbour of the East. Several tritons disembarked, among them the famed Peisthetaerus, Tamer of Krakens and much loved Coralwarden. When questioned of their activities, Peisthetaerus informed them they were simply seeing the sights of the city. After spending a day and a night within the city limits, speaking with various adventurers, the tritons re-boarded the citadels and began to make their way towards Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars.

Alas, this was not to be. As the convoy made sail through the Sea, they were attacked by the vicious heretical Caspiites! Caught by surprise, the convoy was sunk, and Peisthetaerus taken off to a location unknown, intended to be sacrificed upon the bloody altars of Caspian Reborn. Our Nerai sailed the area between Shallam and the two ports closest to Cyrene, but no trace was found of the convoy, nor the Caspiites.

Months came and went, but no word was to be had.

Finally, while the Hand of Neraeos, Sir Verrucht Dawyn, was resting at the ornate shrine within Cyrene, a cloaked triton approached him. The triton revealed himself to be Scryian, and indicated that a small Caspiite vessel, thought to be carrying Peisthetaerus, had recently been discovered. Even as they spoke, the vessel was slowly sailing around Scryos the long way, making every effort to not engage any within the territory. It was shared that if we waited until they're further north, we could risk a daring rescue of the stolen triton. The plan was agreed upon, and the cloaked triton disappeared, reassuring the Nerai he would return at the appointed time.

The months slowly crept by as the Nerai waited, performing their duties as always, but all on edge as they awaited news. Finally, the cloaked triton returned, this time with a message from General Aeolia of the Sixth Legion of Scryos. The Caspiite convoy of interest had been re-located and was currently being pusued by a squadron of Scryian citadels, likely soon to be cornered.

The Nerai did not have long to wait. Soon, the cloaked triton returned, and the Nerai embarked on the Aristeia, flagship of the Nereian fleet. Venturing north from Tasur'ke, the crew sailed through the frothy chops of the Caspiite Reaches, captained by Rinzai Da'Navi, Pontifex Fylakas. Soon a cry was heard, "Citadel sighted!", and sure enough, there were Caspiites spotted ahead of the crew. They gave chase, darting through the winding chops and firing on the vessel as they could, both citadel and ship taking numerous hits upon their bearings.

Finally, after a long and drawn-out battle, the Caspiite's whale was seen floundering out in the ocean, bloodied and unable to maintain itself in the water any longer. The citadel crashed upon the nearby shoals, just south of Valho Coast. The Nerai were quick to move their up against the shore, disembarking and pouring forth to the broken wreckage of the heretic's vessel. Though various hoplites and other Caspiites fought against them, they were no match, and soon Peisthetaerus emerged.

The Nerai's joy was tempered by the need to see the triton returned safely. Quickly, they embarked on the Aristeia once more, the war conchs of the heretics sounding as the seastrider began to weave through the chops, headed for Tasur'ke. As they sailed, another Caspiite vassel known as the Boros soon caught up with the crew, launching whatever attacks they were able. Despite the wish to turn and fight, the Nerai knew their utmost duty was to see Peisthetaerus returned safely.

As they sailed, another citadel was spotted ahead of the Aristeia, filling the crew with dread until it was recongized as a Lothian vessel, The Sword of Lothos. Sailing past the Nerai, the Lothians made directly for the Caspiites, engaging and distracting them so that the ship could escape.

Upon finally docking within Tasur'ke, the crew breathed a sigh of relief and turned their attention to Peisthetaerus, glad to have the Coralwarden safely returned from his sure death.
And I love too                                                                          Be still, my indelible friend
That love soon might end                                                         You are unbreaking
And be known in its aching                                                      Though quaking
Shown in this shaking                                                             Though crazy
Lately of my wasteland, baby                                                 That's just wasteland, baby


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