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Well, I managed to get MUSHClient working! I haven't used it in years though, would anyone happens to have any good Scripts/Plugins?


  • SamakhulisSamakhulis Greeley, Colorado
    Soludra had a few pretty good ones; mostly GMCP-based ones that he streamlined to make writing your own systems easier:

    @Dontarion also looks like he has a few:

    Then of course you have all of @Vadimuses's systems, which..I have no idea of the status of, but it was my impression that he switched almost completely over to Mudlet when it got popular.

    As for me, I'd LIKE to publish a few of my own, but I just haven't gotten around to setting up anything yet. That and I screwed up my Google Code project, so I'm having to wait 30 days to restart it.

    Of course, you can always go back to and try some of the plugins people have posted there.
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  • I downloaded Jonathan's/Soludra's Compass and Gauges, and Dontarion's GMCP Mapper, but it's really big, and the gauges and compass are covering part of the prompt, so I cant see everything except for in the center, how do I move the text over and make the Map smaller? If I try to look at a plugins info it crashes MUSH...
  • There are some from the ire main site too. I remember @Ada posted a few there or maybe the old forums.
  • Was there anything in particular you were looking for? I have a ton of scripts but most are just for my use so I didn't bother plugining them, but if there's something specific you're after I probably have it and can do that easily.
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