House v House + Targossas

Tharos, the Announcer of Delos shouts, "Well done to the Occultists, winners of the House vs. House egghunt! Beyond the gold reward, they also win a two room addition to their househall!"

Org            Total Score
Rogues                1357
Occultists            1194

Sothantos       Rogues              905
Dolomar         Rogues              128
Carmell         Rogues               90
Tesha           Rogues               82
Larnai          Rogues               31
Aedin           Rogues                3


I got everyone to participate anyways because hey why not. Sure, we have no houses, but I figured just playing anyways would be fun. Did not expect Targossas to come out ahead, and technically we all probably would have been in different Houses anyways, but even just a little nod would have been cool. Instead we get completely ignored and not even mentioned by Tharos, no responses to the tells, nothing. This felt like a slap to Targossas players.

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    emotions get to you?
  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    This did feel like a slap in the face.  I mean we're already waiting on houses for what seems like forever now we get this egghunt and we do well only to be totally ignored by Tharos.
  • @Jhui it sucks to try and get people who are frustrated by being excluded to play anyways and then have them proven right.

    @Arditi take that nonsense elsewhere, please.

    I am sure Aurora and Deucalion are working hard on the Houses and I would not want them to be rushed just for stuff like this, but it really sucks to play anyways and not even get a little nod after we win.

     i'm a rebel

  • Why would non-House based competitors get any recognition in a competition designed specifically for Houses? That's like a Serpent asking why he didn't get credit in a Knight duel tournament because he ganked one of the competitors. People are going to roll their eyes and move on. In regards to Tharos ignoring you, every question is not deserving of an answer.
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  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    We should have just done the swimming relay we were getting ready to do when it started.  At least then we wouldn't have felt the slap.
  • Tharos always ignores me :(

  • @Tesha, do you buy bottles labeled "NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION", attempt to get your money back because the substance inside tastes suspiciously like Drain-O, and then start letter writing campaigns because they ignored your complaint?

    You didn't read the label on the egghunt, you didn't get the prize you were never entitled to, and somehow, you're taking this as an insult.

    Grow the hell up and learn to read, you spoiled little brat.

  • I had all the expectations that Occultists would win since the last egghunt, so no expectations were broken. :P
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  • @Jarrod: The problem was not that we did not get proclaimed the victors and get a prize, I am more bothered we were completely ignored and not even briefly mentioned or anything. People were wondering "why bother" and getting all bummed out and depressed, then I got them to play anyways and it turned out fine. Even a little mention in the shout, like Dolomar said, would have been great. My problem is there was absolutely nothing and it sucked.

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  • I don't think that you were purposefully ignored or anything... finding insult in it is kind of a reach. Yeah, it would have been nice if he had been his witty self, but I don't think that a lack of recognition implies insult.

    It's like being at a bar and randomly catching someone's eye then declaring to your buddy 'Hey, did you see the look that guy gave me?' You're assigning a negative emotion to something that doesn't exist and could have just been a simple oversight or Celani in a rush.

  • While the lack of recognition was unfortunate, look on the bright side, @Tesha: If it's any consolation to you, the fact that the Occultists only won due the rules of the egghunt(House vs. House) should at least be cause for celebration(amongst Targossians).

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    @Dunn: Yeah, I doubt it was done with an intentional "screw Targossas" decision with the admin loling etc. We were just making the best of what we had to work with, and it was fun. I never expected Targossas' players to have the highest total, but it is really disappointing that there was not even the slightest acknowledgement or anything, heh. 

    I mean, it is not a huge deal, but when activity is low and we pull together and do well in something only to get ignored, it just... well, sucks.

    (Targossas scored 1239, Dunn. Add up the points in the original post. I mean, I still do not want like, Occultists to lose their prize or anything, but you know what I mean.)

     i'm a rebel

  • I'm pretty sure that "Rogues" doesn't immediately translate to "Targossas". What of people who aren't in Houses but aren't Targossan? (I don't really know who took part, but as a general rule...)

    Tharos could have made some joke nod to the rogues, I'd agree, but ultimately you can't win something you don't qualify for - to reiterate what others are saying.
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    I still think you weren't being insulted when Tharos didn't mention you.

  • @Sybilla, to clarify, the totals of Targossas people was more than the Occultist total.
  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
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    Well there was only one other rogue and even with taking out her eggs Targossas still had the highest score overall.  With her it just made it a bit higher.


    Other's have made the choice to be houseless.  Targossas is patiently waiting on houses impatiently.  This kicks us when there is an event that we're told we don't even qualify for because oh look we don't have houses and it's not by our choice.

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    I can't math apparently.

  • It's getting very personal in here, for some reason.

    I'm sure it wasn't an intentional slur or obvious public exclusion from the event. There are several ways you could react to what happened, and getting emotional and indignant over the fact that a probably-very-busy-admin couldn't respond directly to your tells or correct their initial shout to include "Rogues" is not a constructive way to go about it. Chins up. Hopefully you aren't going to be without Houses for that much longer, considering the schedule of things, but step back and view the situation looking into the viewing box from the outside and perhaps your perspective will change.

    tl;dr Brush it off. It doesn't matter, and you have more important things to be worrying about. Probably!
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    edit:Seems I got beat to it :(
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    Yes at both of the smartasses. I editted while you were typing probably. I'll have to make one of these new rooms with a slide rule.

  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    I think we might have houses by Christmas but we'll see.
  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    Sothantos said:
    Man, reading back, I feel like the amount of vitriolic hatred in this thread is disproportionate to the topic. Spittle's flying over eggs.

    In other news, I have discovered that dried watermelon is absolutely disgusting.

    actually it depends on who dried it.  If it's done in your home dehydrator it isn't bad.  If it's something you bought then yes it is totally disgusting.  Probably because of the preservatives they put in it.
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