Eve Online

Anyone play it?

A few of my military buddies and I play it, in our own little corp. We don't honestly play on many of the large game scales, but have a few manufacturers and I fly around in my pretty exhumers. Mining and playing achaea is a profitable combination. I'm that guy that harvests all your high sec ores in a few minutes.

I don't think me or any of my buddies will leave the corp, but we're always looking for allies and profitable trades.

Anyone want to fly together?
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  • Eh, I used to play it but got bored. Might put down another months payment to try it out again though, we'll see :)

  • well if you do let me know so I can send you a couple mil to get started again!
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  • I used to play this and I had fun. Until the alliance my corp was in, not of their own free will I might add, were war dec'd and no one wanted to protect the miners building their crap. So the corp left the alliance along with several other corps to try and form their own alliance only to be backstabbed by the new alliance, as it was forming. THAN! The leader of the corp decided to start some crap with another corp, mind you were allianceless and have like 3 defenders for our miners, causing the guy who basically ran the corp with the CEO to quit to become a lowsec fighter for some corp he made with his friends and than we had absolutely no defense when mining and a war about to start with only 2 combat ready pilots....THEN! The crap hits the fan I talk a bunch of crap on Miner chat and a friend of mine invites me to her feeder corp which was a mining corp but they mined ice....IF YOU HAVE EVER MINED ICE YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I was basically the only more miner with no low sec access and than it happened.....James 315 and his CODE took over Gallente astroid mining in most places and without any ships to help me I was stuck solo ore mining with ice miners and ended up having to take my chances wormhole mining. So I quit and came back to Achaea.

    (╯° _°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Being a solo miner is impossible in that game, as it should be. I didn't feel like specializing it was easier to start up Ach again :P

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    I used to play it, mostly because of the interesting universe and desire to roleplay. Most people just wanted to be assholes, however, and it wore me down quickly. Among other things.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Shirszae said:
    I used to play it, mostly because of the interesting universe and desire to roleplay. Most people just wanted to be assholes, however, and it wore me down quickly. Among other things.
    I can't imagine playing a game where a large portion of the population are just assholes operating under the pretense of roleplay.

  • There is no roleplay in Eve, there is only you entering the wrong gate at the wrong time.
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    Just started playing it again recently, joined my old corp and it's pretty nice, we're in an alliance now in Providence area. Had some fun pvp ops the other night, even though I felt mostly clueless as to what to do the whole time but I warp scrambled/tackled the enemy ships while the others pew pew'd them :). Hit me up in game if you want- Jason La'Mosea.
  • As an aside, I did play EVE, but my interest waned when they changed the exploration stuff. My nullsec profits went from 1bil an hour to maybe 300mil a day. Lack of NPC spawns in exploration sites, too... suddenly every nullsec site had a cloaked up pirate semi-afk in it waiting for people to show up. Bletch.
  • FitzFitz Fire and Spice
    I tried it out about two months ago, was making like 45mil/hr in my first week of mining/salvaging in nullsec. Got in with a good crew that was part of Pandemic. Just got so bored with the hurry up and wait to be effective in nullsec pvp. Could f'ing buy anything I wanted, just not fly it effectively.

  • I'm a highsec miner Biatch. All my money comes from production... NEED MORE VELDSPAR, ALWAYS MORE VELDSPAR.

    I normally make about 20mil an hour in minerals, but the big payoff is when you make a few ships. Can always use some boosters though! Love shooting up stuff like I'm some kinda junkey.

    Name's Tobin Delascy if you ever want some help jumping into lowsec!
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