Xbox One Or PlayStation 4?



  • It saddens me that both consoles will be joining the rest of the technology under my tv for me to dust. My bf refuses to choose...the big nerd -_- he also refuses to get rid of the old versions. That one corner of my lounge is rapidly becoming as valuable as my shoe collection!
  • Adet said:
    The graph on the left covers quite a small period in time, particularly given that the last eighteen months of it are projected (but not actually labelled as such).  Particularly, the estimate that XBox One will see a decrease in software revenue next year seems unlikely, to me - I'd be interested to see the basis for that (unfortunately, DFC want to charge me $3500 for the report).  I'm also not a fan of area graphs generally: I don't find them to be particularly effective in communicating information.

    The right-hand graph frustrates me for a few reasons.  First, I don't particularly like the use of "Developer thinking of Space Invaders" as a representative of "10% of developers" device - but that's personal preference.  Of greater concern to me is that I have no idea what each percentage means.  Is this platform-exclusive development?  If a developer works on different platform-exclusive games for XBox and PSX, do they "count" for both platforms - or neither?  In addition, it's an utterly pointless metric without more information.  Of course more developers develop (at least initally) for PC: it's an open platform, with far fewer hoops to jump through: you don't have to get your game "licensed" for it, for one thing, and with the (admittedly flawed) greenlight, and numerous websites which give a lot of coverage to indie games, PC is the natural choice.  The graph also tops out at 77%: where are the other 23%?  If that's mobile gaming, then it's a significant contender that should be included in the metrics.  If it's "other", I'd be interested to know just what that covers.  If it's "non-exclusive developers", then again I think it's a significant statistic and should be included.

    To answer the original question, I have a PS3.  If I were to buy one of the above, it would probably be a PS4 - but given how infrequently I play games on anything other than my PC, it's unlikely to happen for a while.

    @Aedin: I realise that your post was tongue in cheek - and I imagine (hope!) the graph was meant in a similar tone... but bad infographics frustrate me.  Here are some more, for anyone with similar feelings (because I shouldn't be the only one to suffer!)
    Dude, chill out.
    Tvistor: If that was a troll, it was masterful.
    I take my hat off to you.
  • That's an entirely fair comment.  I'm going to blame a lack of coffee.
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