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  • Tesha said:
    I hope your enter key breaks. All of you.
    @Tesha - Just Tremolololololo them. Two enter keys on a keyboard, two legs to Tremololololo, should be second nature.

  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
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    Jonners said:
    Which is why gods get control of it and not city officials. You think the gods are going to toggle it on for shop stocking? You have a poor opinion of our Gods then.
    And I have seen plenty more idiotic ideas.
    My point is the divine attending an event shouldn't have to be scanning the area to make sure someone isn't being a douche, during such things. As cool as Strata's thing was, Aurora had to take her attention away from the wedding, to deal with some dick (sorry Strata) nosing around?
    I wonder if  @Aurora was thinking "Strata! That little shit!!!" -- which, even as an inconvenience to Her, was just another aspect of the ceremony that was dealt with and made for an interesting one too. She did not know what my intentions were. Was I just lurking? Was I about to throw an eye sigil and fart like a little kid and make everyone go WTF at me? Was I going to try to assassinate one of them? She did the right thing in echoing in Strata's mind to politely ask him to leave (or get zapped), and Strata did so -- he had seen enough.

    Just consider yourself fortunate Strata is slightly more honorable than he should be. Otherwise those ethereal shrouds you marked up 10x what he sold them to you for would have disappeared from that shop in Delos in a heartbeat.

    Edit: @Tesha (sorry.. forgot)
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